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We are Doing Things Ass Backwards

We Are Doing Things A$s Backwards

It doesn’t matter much what you’re doing, your actions are Very small things. All the religions are focusing on your actions and Not your consciousness. The training is how to act right and what to avoid, unless the consciousness rises you will not be authentically religious. (Religious meaning connected with the universe & nature)

It will surprise you that as you become more silent, more alert, you become more conscious, and your actions will change. Not Vice Versa. You can change your actions, but that will not make you more conscious. It’s simple and scientific, that when you become more conscious your actions will change. You were dong something stupid; as you become more alert and more conscious, you cannot do it any longer.

It is not a question of rewards and punishment. It is simply your consciousness, your silence, your peace, which makes you look so far away and so deep into everything you do. You cannot do harm to anybody; you cannot be violent, you cannot be angry, you cannot be greedy, you cannot be ambitious. Your consciousness has given you so much blissfulness… what can greed give you except anxieties? What can ambition give you? Just a continuous struggle to reach high on some ladder.

As your consciousness becomes more settled, all your life patterns change. What religions have called sin will disappear from your life, and what they have called virtue will automatically flow from your being, from your actions. But they have been doing just the opposite: First change the act. It is as if you are in a dark house and you are stumbling over furniture and other things, and someone tells you ‘unless you stop stumbling the light is not possible.’ What I am saying is bring light in and the stumbling will disappear, because when there is light why should you stumble over things? Every time you stumble, ever time you hit your big head on the wall, it hurts. It is a punishment in itself – a wrong act is punishment in itself; there is nobody recording your acts. And every beautiful action is a reward unto itself. But 1st bring light in your life.