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Taking Control of Our Health

Taking Control of Our Health

Within this article I will attempt to touch on some critical points that will, if followed contribute to improving our overall health and well being. In these days and times with so much negativity in our midst, we have no choice but to get our lives in order, come together as a people and do for self. It is a fact that without our health we can’t do much so why not become more conscious of what we allow into our sacred temples.
The human body is without a doubt a magnificent instrument that was divinely created to serve us in our physical journey through life. Today as we have degenerated through time we’ve learned more and more ways to destroy this great physical form and make our temples cry out for mercy. We see this in the manifestation of more and more ailments and "diseases" that Afrikans NEVER experienced in our more sensible days in our Mother Continent. Let us open our hearts and minds as we explore our fall so we can have a clear perspective on where we are so we can get back on track as the gods we once were.

I have to sympathize with my brothers and sisters who believe they are healthy because they don’t indulge in the eating of swine flesh or the brothers and sisters who have given up red meat and chicken now and feel they have arrived and are healthier than thou. Stop It, who are you fooling’! Can’t leave out the ‘Fishetarians’… These are the folks who call themselves vegetarians and they eat fish and any other scavenger in the sea. Although these people may be growing in awareness of the ills of eating certain foods we must realize it’s a process and not feel like we’ve arrived because we don’t knowingly eat pork anymore. There’s a lot more to being healthy than not eating pork and read meat. We forget sometimes about what we drink. Most drinks we find in the average supermarkets and stores are no more than liquid sugar drinks. Very damaging to our bodies and overall well being. I may joke about our brothers and sisters who’ve given up pork and or read meat and feel like they are healthy but I do commend their efforts. I just think that’s foolish if you believe you’ve arrived at your health plateau because of these few adjustments.

Now that I’ve made you good and angry I’ll get into the meat of the article. The Human body is a self healing organism with healing capacities above and beyond any so called medications or HERBS you can ever think of taking or preparing. We must understand this point before we go any further into what to eat and what not to eat. There is NOTHING, No "disease" that we can not combat without the use of outside substances. This point should not be hard to grasp once we throw off silly traditions we’ve grown up in and superstitions we’ve been trained to believe by our oppressors who are out to control and exploit us. Those of us who are conscious of the fact that our open enemies have Never meant us any good should know better than to follow their prescriptions for health buying their drugs and so called medications. They make big money off us in our ignorance and diseased conditions so lets discipline ourselves to throw off these silly habits and superstitions we picked up from the European.

Superstitions like catching colds, viruses, and other germs. These ideas came from scared to death and confused Europeans who were dropping like flies from their filthy lifestyles in the hills and caves of Europe. Remember the plagues? There were many plagues not just one, they were dying wholesale and didn’t know why, hence the mystery viruses, germ theories and what not. These are the same folks who lived an average of 20 something years crawled on all 4s lived in caves and the cleanest among them washed their backsides 1nce a month and didn’t change their draws. Knowing this, most of us will still run to them for "treatment" as soon as we feel under the weather. Our conditioning is something we need to recognize and deal with before we can move forward to controlling our eating and health on a whole. We can call them devils, beasts, Satanic etc., etc., all day and night but if you still take their drugs and eat the foods they eat and drink the drinks they drink and run to the broken down wrinkled so called Doctor for treatment then how wise are you black man and woman?

I appeal to the Afrikaans reading this. Taking control of our bodies/health is not complicated, in fact its easy. What may be a challenge is throwing away our bad habits. Eating meat is one habit that doesn’t benefit us at all and we must give it back to our oppressor. Our colons are not burial grounds and all we do when we eat this stuff is constipate ourselves with festering dead flesh of a lower life form. Rotting flesh within our temples is the seed for what we call disease. We kill ourselves Really. It isn’t the big bad virus that gets you its your and my ignorance that is our greatest hindrance. We are living beings family so it is the vitality of living foods that will sustain us best in our quest for healthy lifestyles. Life brings life. Fruits, Vegetables and good water is the only things we need family. I saved this for last because I know you wouldn’t have gotten this far if I told you this in the beginning. We have to remember we eat the way we do now because of backward traditions and habits. To get back on track and start living we need to change our habits and replace them with better ones. Habits like eating fruits in the morning and eating a salad after any and every meal is a start. If we look at the health of our people we can clearly see that something isn’t right. Ailments we see regularly today didn’t exist years ago. We didn’t have Arthritis, diabetes, Cancer, Cavities or faggotitis in Alkebulan, (Afrika) lets get back to being ourselves (Sankofa). Yes we all going to die but why not live your life without these unnecessary ailments that we’ve come to believe are a part of aging.

As a final note let me tell you that you do not need Animal flesh for protein. If I hear this again I’ll burst. It’s sad that whatever this cracker tells us we repeat it like damn parrots. If you just want to eat flesh, so be it. No one can force you to accept truth you have to be ready to receive it and mature enough to look in the mirror and say "I need to make a change." Sad to say most of us won’t be able to do that. For those who would like to reason, think for a second about the biggest strongest animals… Gorillas, Elephants, Cows, Giraffes kwk. These animals are basically non meat eaters. Well I ask the question, how did they get to be big and strong without eating flesh for protein? Then you turn around and eat the dead vegetarian animal for protein. How about the human, from birth to the age of 1 the baby gains more muscle percentage wise than at any other time during his/her life without animal flesh. Lets look at the predators, Lions tigers, wolves kwk. (etc) These animals eat their prey then sleep for like 17 hours after their meals. Hmm, If this reminds you of anyone living or dead it’s NOT a coincidence. We tire after meals because of the tremendous amount of work/stress we put our bodies through to try to break down these so called foods we allow into our temples. The purest food on the face of the planet is a Mothers breast milk and it is comprised of less than 5% Protein. So as brother Malcolm said we’ve been tricked, hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray, run amuck.’

Fortunately for us, it’s not too late to reclaim our health.

There’s so much to say on this topic and in the near future we hope to share more of this with you. Please believe nothing I say and research that which you’ve read here, that’s what education is all about. I feel like one of the greatest things to have knowledge of is our houses of God.

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