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How To Identify A Prophet via Dr Yaffa Bey

How to Identify a Prophet

The most appropriate way to know
if someone with Melanin is a Prophet,
Or liberator of the People is this:

If Christians attack them,
And/or Roman authority seizes them,
And/or the media slanders them,
And/or they die a sudden,
And/or suspicious death,
And Multitudes of People look up to,
And/or seek insight from them,
Because they show People,
By example, that which will genuinely liberate them,
Even though the People believe it is impossible to do,
Then that is,
Sent to liberate,
OUR People!

* Dr. Yaffa Bey *
January 2008

The word Christian means Cretin,
which means idiot and stupid.

Get out your OWN dictionary!
Look it up!
See the word “Cretin”!
It’s in the square brackets,
As Plain as Day!