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The Effect of Drugs on Melanin


Melanin Absorption Ability / Drug Use
Melanin will chemically react to (or mix with) various drugs such as Marijuana, Alcohol, Cocaine, Cigarettes ect… This reaction causes the Black drug user to have a decrease in the various body functions (physically mentally, and spiritually) including the brain and causes him to be highly addictive because his body now thinks that the drug he is using is melanin (a natural component of the body). Also he will stay dependent on a drug for a longer time. Some of the legal drugs may have this same affect on black people. These drugs mix (bond to) with your melanin and causes the drug to stay in your system longer. Some electrical frequencies can be harmful to melanated people, and this energy is being sent through your body from the various electrical components around you. Melanin is produced by your Pineal Gland (spiritual gland). African’s called the pineal gland the cradle of God. The consumption of green plants keeps the Pineal Gland functioning at its highest level. The mixing of the Drug Cocaine with your body’s melanin will eventually lead to a poisoning of the body and death. Don’t use food as a drug; over eating is harmful to your health. Remember that a lot of the drugs that we ingest are substances that have been altered from their natural state. Our body’s reactions to these unnatural substances are always some kind of ill effect. This is why we have so many side effects from taking the various drugs including doctor prescribed commercial drugs (aspirin, allergy medications, ect…) drugs.
The White man’s body can not store up the large amounts of energy that the Black mans Melanated body can and this lack of energy storage due to lack of melanin causes his body to function at a lower level than that of the Black Man’s and therefore subjects him to more bodily disorders (physically, mentally and spiritually). Remember that a lot of so called White people or Blacks saying they or White, note how some so called Whites can tan(Black) but others can not(white). Historical, artifacts and human remains all show that the Black man and woman were on this planet before the white man so therefore all humanity should be classified as Black people. Which leads use to the fact that their is only one race of people on this planet and all of the separating factors such as race, religion, class, wealth, country are only man-made and not based on facts or truths.
Melanin in some instances will act like a conductor and will conduct electrical current but it also can act as an insulator and not allow current to pass through it. Melanin will also store up various minerals in the body, to use later in keeping the body functioning. It is also involved in giving Black people the rhythmic abilities in dance and song. Melanin aids in the fast movement of the eye and all other muscles in your body, one reason for this is that the melanin passes the signal from brain to the muscle, at a faster rate through the black man/woman nervous system. Your entire body operates off electric signals the majority of them from the brain. The Melanin in your body is the electric wire or conductor that sends and receives messages from the brain and environment. (The pineal gland uses copper to create melanin).
Lack of melanin in a pregnant woman may cause the woman to lose the child or the child may be born with a birth defect. This is why Whites have a higher death rate in child birth than Blacks, and they have more children born with birth defects.

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Unemployed Black Woman Pretends to be White.

Unemployed Black Woman Pretends to be White, Job Offers Suddenly Skyrocket

November 15, 2012 | Posted by: bowatkin

If you don’t believe that racism in the job market is real, then please read this article by Yolanda Spivey. Spivey, who was seeking work in the insurance industry, found that she wasn’t getting any job offers. But as an experiment, she changed her name to Bianca White, to see if employers would respond differently. You’ll be shocked and amazed by her phenomenal story.

Before I begin, let me quote the late, great, Booker T. Washington who said, "Of all forms of slavery there is none that is so harmful and degrading as that form of slavery which tempts one human being to hate another by reason of his race or color."

For two years, I have been unemployed. In the beginning, I applied to more than three hundred open positions in the insurance industry–an industry that I’ve worked in for the previous ten years. Not one employer responded to my resume. So, I enrolled back into college to finish my degree. After completing school this past May, I resumed my search for employment and was quite shocked that I wasn’t getting a single response. I usually applied for positions advertised on the popular website Monster.com. I’d used it in the past and have been successful in obtaining jobs through it.

Two years ago, I noticed that Monster.com had added a "diversity questionnaire" to the site. This gives an applicant the opportunity to identify their sex and race to potential employers. Monster.com guarantees that this "option" will not jeopardize your chances of gaining employment. You must answer this questionnaire in order to apply to a posted position–it cannot be skipped. At times, I would mark off that I was a Black female, but then I thought, this might be hurting my chances of getting employed, so I started selecting the "decline to identify" option instead. That still had no effect on my getting a job. So I decided to try an experiment: I created a fake job applicant and called her Bianca White.

First, I created an email account and resume for Bianca. I kept the same employment history and educational background on her resume that was listed on my own. But I removed my home phone number, kept my listed cell phone number, and changed my cell phone greeting to say, "You have reached Bianca White. Please leave a message." Then I created an online Monster.com account, listed Bianca as a White woman on the diversity questionnaire, and activated the account.

That very same day, I received a phone call. The next day, my phone line and Bianca’s email address, were packed with potential employers calling for an interview. I was stunned. More shocking was that some employers, mostly Caucasian-sounding women, were calling Bianca more than once, desperate to get an interview with her. All along, my real Monster.com account was open and active; but, despite having the same background as Bianca, I received no phone calls. Two jobs actually did email me and Bianca at the same time. But they were commission only sales positions. Potential positions offering a competitive salary and benefits all went to Bianca.

At the end of my little experiment, (which lasted a week), Bianca White had received nine phone calls–I received none. Bianca had received a total of seven emails, while I’d only received two, which again happen to have been the same emails Bianca received. Let me also point out that one of the emails that contacted Bianca for a job wanted her to relocate to a different state, all expenses paid, should she be willing to make that commitment. In the end, a total of twenty-four employers looked at Bianca’s resume while only ten looked at mines.

Is this a conspiracy, or what? I’m almost convinced that White Americans aren’t suffering from disparaging unemployment rates as their Black counterpart because all the jobs are being saved for other White people.

My little experiment certainly proved a few things. First, I learned that answering the diversity questionnaire on job sites such as Monster.com’s may work against minorities, as employers are judging whom they hire based on it. Second, I learned to suspect that resumes with ethnic names may go into the wastebasket and never see the light of day.

Other than being chronically out of work, I embarked on this little experiment because of a young woman I met while I was in school. She was a twenty-two-year-old Caucasian woman who, like myself, was about to graduate. She was so excited about a job she had just gotten with a well-known sporting franchise. She had no prior work experience and had applied for a clerical position, but was offered a higher post as an executive manager making close to six figures. I was curious to know how she’d been able to land such a position. She was candid in telling me that the human resource person who’d hired her just "liked" her and told her that she deserved to be in a higher position. The HR person was also Caucasian.

Another reason that pushed me to do this experiment is because of the media. There’s not a day that goes by in which I fail to see a news program about how tough the job market is. Recently, while I was watching a report on underemployed and underpaid Americans, I saw a middle aged White man complaining that he was making only $80,000 which was $30,000 less than what he was making before. I thought to myself that in this economy, many would feel they’d hit the jackpot if they made 80K a year.

In conclusion, I would like to once again quote the late, great, Booker T. Washington when he said, "You can’t hold a man down without staying down with him."

The more America continues to hold back great candidates based on race, the more our economy is going to stay in a rut. We all need each other to prosper, flourish, and to move ahead.


Bro Kweku Black Power Productions

Parasites in body

The signs of parasites in the human body

itchy ears, nose, anus

men: sexual dysfunction


slow reflexes

gas bloating

unclear thinking

loss of appetite

yellowish face

fast heartbeat

heart pain

pain in the navel

eat more than normal, still feel hungry

blurry or unclear vision

pain in the back, thighs, shoulders


numb hands

burning sensation in the stomach

women: problems with menstrual cycle

drooling while sleeping

damp lips at night

dry lips during the day

grinding teeth while asleep

bed wetting


sinus condition
bloody stools

skin conditions
sugar cravings

bad breath

ringing in the ear
difficulty in breathing

dark circles under the eye

Taking Control of Our Health

Taking Control of Our Health

Within this article I will attempt to touch on some critical points that will, if followed contribute to improving our overall health and well being. In these days and times with so much negativity in our midst, we have no choice but to get our lives in order, come together as a people and do for self. It is a fact that without our health we can’t do much so why not become more conscious of what we allow into our sacred temples.
The human body is without a doubt a magnificent instrument that was divinely created to serve us in our physical journey through life. Today as we have degenerated through time we’ve learned more and more ways to destroy this great physical form and make our temples cry out for mercy. We see this in the manifestation of more and more ailments and "diseases" that Afrikans NEVER experienced in our more sensible days in our Mother Continent. Let us open our hearts and minds as we explore our fall so we can have a clear perspective on where we are so we can get back on track as the gods we once were.

I have to sympathize with my brothers and sisters who believe they are healthy because they don’t indulge in the eating of swine flesh or the brothers and sisters who have given up red meat and chicken now and feel they have arrived and are healthier than thou. Stop It, who are you fooling’! Can’t leave out the ‘Fishetarians’… These are the folks who call themselves vegetarians and they eat fish and any other scavenger in the sea. Although these people may be growing in awareness of the ills of eating certain foods we must realize it’s a process and not feel like we’ve arrived because we don’t knowingly eat pork anymore. There’s a lot more to being healthy than not eating pork and read meat. We forget sometimes about what we drink. Most drinks we find in the average supermarkets and stores are no more than liquid sugar drinks. Very damaging to our bodies and overall well being. I may joke about our brothers and sisters who’ve given up pork and or read meat and feel like they are healthy but I do commend their efforts. I just think that’s foolish if you believe you’ve arrived at your health plateau because of these few adjustments.

Now that I’ve made you good and angry I’ll get into the meat of the article. The Human body is a self healing organism with healing capacities above and beyond any so called medications or HERBS you can ever think of taking or preparing. We must understand this point before we go any further into what to eat and what not to eat. There is NOTHING, No "disease" that we can not combat without the use of outside substances. This point should not be hard to grasp once we throw off silly traditions we’ve grown up in and superstitions we’ve been trained to believe by our oppressors who are out to control and exploit us. Those of us who are conscious of the fact that our open enemies have Never meant us any good should know better than to follow their prescriptions for health buying their drugs and so called medications. They make big money off us in our ignorance and diseased conditions so lets discipline ourselves to throw off these silly habits and superstitions we picked up from the European.

Superstitions like catching colds, viruses, and other germs. These ideas came from scared to death and confused Europeans who were dropping like flies from their filthy lifestyles in the hills and caves of Europe. Remember the plagues? There were many plagues not just one, they were dying wholesale and didn’t know why, hence the mystery viruses, germ theories and what not. These are the same folks who lived an average of 20 something years crawled on all 4s lived in caves and the cleanest among them washed their backsides 1nce a month and didn’t change their draws. Knowing this, most of us will still run to them for "treatment" as soon as we feel under the weather. Our conditioning is something we need to recognize and deal with before we can move forward to controlling our eating and health on a whole. We can call them devils, beasts, Satanic etc., etc., all day and night but if you still take their drugs and eat the foods they eat and drink the drinks they drink and run to the broken down wrinkled so called Doctor for treatment then how wise are you black man and woman?

I appeal to the Afrikaans reading this. Taking control of our bodies/health is not complicated, in fact its easy. What may be a challenge is throwing away our bad habits. Eating meat is one habit that doesn’t benefit us at all and we must give it back to our oppressor. Our colons are not burial grounds and all we do when we eat this stuff is constipate ourselves with festering dead flesh of a lower life form. Rotting flesh within our temples is the seed for what we call disease. We kill ourselves Really. It isn’t the big bad virus that gets you its your and my ignorance that is our greatest hindrance. We are living beings family so it is the vitality of living foods that will sustain us best in our quest for healthy lifestyles. Life brings life. Fruits, Vegetables and good water is the only things we need family. I saved this for last because I know you wouldn’t have gotten this far if I told you this in the beginning. We have to remember we eat the way we do now because of backward traditions and habits. To get back on track and start living we need to change our habits and replace them with better ones. Habits like eating fruits in the morning and eating a salad after any and every meal is a start. If we look at the health of our people we can clearly see that something isn’t right. Ailments we see regularly today didn’t exist years ago. We didn’t have Arthritis, diabetes, Cancer, Cavities or faggotitis in Alkebulan, (Afrika) lets get back to being ourselves (Sankofa). Yes we all going to die but why not live your life without these unnecessary ailments that we’ve come to believe are a part of aging.

As a final note let me tell you that you do not need Animal flesh for protein. If I hear this again I’ll burst. It’s sad that whatever this cracker tells us we repeat it like damn parrots. If you just want to eat flesh, so be it. No one can force you to accept truth you have to be ready to receive it and mature enough to look in the mirror and say "I need to make a change." Sad to say most of us won’t be able to do that. For those who would like to reason, think for a second about the biggest strongest animals… Gorillas, Elephants, Cows, Giraffes kwk. These animals are basically non meat eaters. Well I ask the question, how did they get to be big and strong without eating flesh for protein? Then you turn around and eat the dead vegetarian animal for protein. How about the human, from birth to the age of 1 the baby gains more muscle percentage wise than at any other time during his/her life without animal flesh. Lets look at the predators, Lions tigers, wolves kwk. (etc) These animals eat their prey then sleep for like 17 hours after their meals. Hmm, If this reminds you of anyone living or dead it’s NOT a coincidence. We tire after meals because of the tremendous amount of work/stress we put our bodies through to try to break down these so called foods we allow into our temples. The purest food on the face of the planet is a Mothers breast milk and it is comprised of less than 5% Protein. So as brother Malcolm said we’ve been tricked, hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray, run amuck.’

Fortunately for us, it’s not too late to reclaim our health.

There’s so much to say on this topic and in the near future we hope to share more of this with you. Please believe nothing I say and research that which you’ve read here, that’s what education is all about. I feel like one of the greatest things to have knowledge of is our houses of God.

References: Afrikan Holistic Health By Dr. Llaila Afrika, Nutricide By Dr. Llaila Afrika

Deceptions of Alternative Medicine (DVD) Rev. Phil Valentine,

Journey Back To Health DVD By: Dr. Afrika,

Vegetarianism or Meat Eating (3 CDs) Rev Phil Valentine vs Sally Fallon

8 Herbs That Help Heal


Black Power Productions

Wednesday, August 22

8 Herbs That Help Heal

(BlackDoctor.org) — For anyone with type 2 diabetes, the goal of treatment is to control blood sugar levels. In many cases, exercise and diet is enough to regulate these levels, but when it is not, medicine is available. But even beyond traditional medicine, there are more options still.

As with many other ailments, people often look to natural remedies and herbs to assist with their treatment. Because of this, several botanical and herbal supplements have been studied as alternative treatments for type 2 diabetes, including ginseng, cinnamon and aloe vera. Read onto find out if trying them might work for you.

  • Milk thistle: This flowering herb is found near the Mediterranean Sea. It has been used for its medicinal properties for thousands of years. It is sometimes known by the name of its active component, silybinin. Milk thistle may reduce insulin resistance in people with type 2 diabetes who also have liver disease.
  • Fenugreek: This herb has been used as a medicine and as a spice for thousands of years in the Middle East. Benefits of fenugreek for diabetes have been demonstrated in both animal and human trials. In one study of 25 people with type 2 diabetes, fenugreek was found to have a significant effect on controlling blood sugar.
  • Psyllium: This plant fiber is found in common bulk laxatives and fiber supplements. Psyllium has also been used historically to treat diabetes. Studies show that people with type 2 diabetes who take 10 grams of psyllium every day can improve their blood sugar and lower blood cholesterol.
  • Cinnamon: Consuming about half a teaspoon of cinnamon per day can result in significant improvement in blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels in people with type 2 diabetes.
  • Holy basil: This herb is commonly used in India as a traditional medicine for diabetes. Studies in animals suggest that holy basil may increase the secretion of insulin. A controlled trial of holy basil in people with type 2 diabetes showed a positive effect on fasting blood sugar and on blood sugar following a meal.
  • Ginseng: Ginseng has been used as a traditional medicine for more than 2,000 years. Studies suggest that both Asian and American ginseng may help lower blood sugar in people with diabetes. One study found that extract from the ginseng berry was able to normalize blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity in mice that were bred to develop diabetes.
  • Aloe vera: This plant has been used for thousands of years for its healing properties. Some studies suggest that the juice from the aloe vera plant can help lower blood sugar in people with types 2 diabetes. The dried sap of the aloe vera plant has traditionally been used in Arabia to treat diabetes.
  • Bitter melon: This is a popular ingredient of Asian cooking and traditional Chinese medicine. It is believed to relieve thirst and fatigue, which are possible symptoms of type 2 diabetes. Research has shown that extract of bitter melon can reduce blood sugar.
  • According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, there is still not enough good evidence to support the use of herbal supplements solely as effective type 2 diabetes treatments. While many of these supplements show promise, until results from additional studies come out, do not take herbal supplements without first consulting with your doctor, since many of them have side effects that may interfere with other medications or exacerbate the health condition.

    Mar 28, 2011

    By Candace Hall, BDO Staff Writer

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    Bro Kweku

    Black Power Productions

    Danger of Vaccinations

    Dangers of Vaccinations

    ALL the Vaccines Are Contaminated – Every Last One of Them

    S. Edmonson for Salem-News.com

    "The chief, if not the sole, cause of the monstrous increase in cancer has been vaccination" – Dr. Robert Bell, once Vice President International Society for Cancer Research at the British Cancer Hospital


    Experts say families need to take a critical look at vaccines.

    (WASHINGTON, D.C.) – Have you been rushing out to get a yearly flu vaccine or diligently taking your children for the 40 or so mandated childhood vaccines?

    That’s really a shame because you have unwittingly been trading a run-of-the-mill flu or just the measles, for loading up your or your children’s bodies with cancer and other deadly viruses, a destructive bacteria, a chemical selected to damage fertility, and with synthetic DNA that threatens to damage your own DNA – the biologic code for your existence.

    Who is saying the vaccines are contaminated?

    None other than the (now deceased) head of vaccines at Merck, Dr. Maurice Hillerman, who on camera admitted that Merck’s Hepatitis B Vaccines Contaminated with a virus, caused the AIDS epidemic in the US. He went on to say that all of Merck’s vaccines are contaminated with cancer and other viruses. (The US government has conceded the HEB B vaccine causes Lupus. That vaccine is mandated for every infant in the US on the day of birth, and is associated with MS


    as well.)

    That vaccine is mandated for every infant in the US on the day of birth, and is associated with MS as well.)

    For Jews who have almost religiously believed in medical authorities about vaccines and poo-pooed those worried about the safety of vaccines, they might want to notice that Hillerman was Jewish.

    Or they might recognize that so is Dr. Larry Palevsky, a board certified NY pediatrician, who for ten years routinely gave vaccines to his patients until he noticed them losing eye contact and then began looking into the vaccines he had blindly trusted. He found that they are ALL contaminated with viruses that are so small they can never be removed. He no longer gives any vaccines. He now treats his young patients for autism and other neurologic injuries from vaccines.

    Donald W. Scott, the editor of The Journal of Degenerative Diseases and the co-founder of the Common Cause Medical Research Foundation, links vaccines to AIDS (as did Hillerman) and to US bio-weapons research, and says they are contaminated with mycoplasma, a primitive bacteria that takes apart cell walls.

    Perhaps the highest scientific authority saying vaccines are contaminated is Garth Nicolson. He is a cell biologist and editor of the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Metastasis, and the Journal of Cellular Biochemistry. He is one of the most cited scientists in the world, having published over 600 medical and scientific peer-reviewed papers, edited over 14 books, and served on the editorial boards of 28 medical and scientific journals. He is not just saying that vaccines are contaminated with mycoplasma but is warning the US that they are. Nicolson goes further and says that we are all being damaged by them and contracting chronic degenerative diseases that.

    That damage translates into lifelong patients (and thus life-long profit) for the pharmaceutical industry making the vaccines and he says doesn’t appear to be accidental.

    According To CIA Statistics: As Shots Increase, U.S. Lifespan Is DECREASING

    1980: 9 vaccines, autism is rare
    2009: 36 vaccine$ before age 5
    2010: 55 vaccine$ before age 6

    Vaccines vs. Autism, 2009
    Vaccinations before age 5
    Deaths per 1000 under 5 yrs old

    Autism Rate

    Lifespan Ranking

    United States (c)
    1 in 91

    1 in 2,000 ab

    1 in 2,200 ab
    18 d

    1 in 475 a

    1 in 862 a

    1 in 1,1000 ab

    All the vaccines mandated to children and many other vaccines as well, including the seasonal flu vaccines being mandated to health care workers, are contaminated with polysorbate 80, the central ingredient in a pharmaceutical industry patent to damage fertility. The pharmaceutical industry has a long history of of seeking a vaccine that would covertly sterilize whole populations So, in addition to being contaminated with cancer and other viruses, and with the bacteria mycoplasma, vaccines are intentionally "contaminated" with a chemical as well, which is, given the patent, a "patently" sought-after sterilizing agen

    Beyond containing polysorbate 80 and cancer and other viruses, and likely mycoplasma, the Gardasil vaccines are contaminated in an additional way. It and all the new vaccines are contaminated with genetically engineered DNA. It can contaminate people’s DNA, just a genetically engineered crops can contaminate normal crops. Gardasil itself is contaminated with a man-made version of the HPV DNA, the very virus it was supposed to protect against, which now it threatens not only altering kids’ healthy DNA with synthetic DNA (!) but with a diseased version.

    Gardasil was suspended in India after 4 girls died but the killing has gone on in the US despite the confirmed deaths of 100 girls. and now the CDC, with special ties to Merck, its maker, wants all boys to take it, too.

    Informed consent is the core of the Nuremberg Code that was created by the Nuremberg Tribunal to keep the pharmaceutical industry from ever again committing the hideous "medical" abuses it did during the Holocaust. In California, Jerry Brown is dismantling informed consent in order to get these deadly vaccines associated with infertility, into all school children. And it was during the Holocaust that the pharmaceutical experimented on Jewish women prisoners at Auschwitz to develop a vaccine that sterilized covertly. Henry Kissinger recommended the development of covertly sterilizing vaccines in a major report to the US government and as late as 2009 a Finnish Health Minister said he was behind the H1N1 vaccine that was meant to lower population.

    Jerry Brown has just signed into law a bill that will allow children as young as 12 to decide whether to take a vaccine for sexually transmitted disease. Parental consent is not needed and parents will not even be allowed knowledge as to whether the child has taken the vaccine. Merck’s Hepatitis B vaccine is one that is included, as is another Merck vaccine, Gardasil, allegedly for ovarian cancer. A Gardasil researcher says there is no evidence it works. "This raises questions about the CDC’s recommendation that the series of shots be given to girls as young as 11-years old. ‘If we vaccinate 11 year olds and the protection doesn’t last… we’ve put them at harm from side effects, small but real, for no benefit,’ says Dr. Harper. ‘The benefit to public health is nothing, there is no reduction in cervical cancers … ‘ "

    Current Data for Gardasil up to AUG 12, 2011

    Disabled 763
    Deaths 103
    Did Not Recover 4777
    Abnorm. Pap Smear 430
    Cervical Dysplasia 157
    Cervical Cancer 41
    Life Threatening 444
    Emergency Rm. Visit 9115

    Hospitalized 2307
    Extended Hosp. Stay 201
    Serious 3111
    Adverse Events 23388

    But these figures are based on statistics from medical professionals who do not wish to be sued. In reality, "less than 10% of deaths, seizures, paralysis, etc., are being reported as caused by the vaccinations that doctors gave in their office.

    The following real-world estimates are based on reports from a law firm:


    840 young girls and 2 boys have died after receiving the Gardasil HPV Vaccine 201,010 young girls have suffered debilitating events such as fatigue, seizures, paralysis, etc. after receiving the Gardasil HPV Vaccine.


    The California law even approves in advance, ALL yet-to-be made (and completely untested) vaccines for sexually transmitted diseases, though of the two current Merck vaccines they are pushing on children, one Merck vaccine caused AIDS and causes Lupus and the other Merck vaccine is contaminated in multiple ways and proving highly lethal. Children will be the ones decide whether to take the vaccines, and they will make that decision after being forced to see videos of people dying terrible deaths from cancer. Not only would the vaccine be given without parental consent, but parents are denied knowledge that the vaccine is going to be given or that it was given. If the child has a seizure or dies afterward, parents may not see their own children’s medical records.

    This is what is left of the "informed consent" meant to provide human rights to protect the world from pharmaceutical industry abuses against mankind.

    After World War II, it was Merck which received the flight capital of the pharmaceutical industry indicted for crimes against humanity, human enslavement and mass murder.

    In the case of children, rather than their facing childhood diseases of insignificant threat, they are, by legal mandate, being bombarded repeatedly throughout their childhood with viruses that cause diseases (including cancer), a cell-destroying bacteria, a a threat to the very integrity of their DNA, and a chemical specifically chosen to impair fertility. And laws are being written to add to the already long list of vaccines they must take, including two mandated Merck vaccines. One is an old Merck vaccine that caused AIDS and is causing Lupus. The other is a Merck vaccine claiming to prevent cervical cancer though girls have little chance of contracting it in the first place (and boys, none!) and it can easily be detected by pap smear and treated successfully and there is NO evidence the vaccine prevents it. Meanwhile, it is killing children.

    Contamination of the polio vaccine and the continuing effects

    FACT: Before the Polio Vaccine, there had never been a virus from another species deliberately injected into humans.

    FACT: 61% of all human tumors (at autopsy) now contain the SV40 monkey virus, traceable to the Polio vaccine of the 1950s and 60s

    FACT: CUTTER vaccine division and WYETH produced a deadly Polio vaccine with a live virus that actually gave the recipient POLIO

    FACT: All above information was withheld from the public for years to avoid a public panic and to prevent a loss of faith in vaccines. polio was a very rare infectious disease that presented little risk to the public, but the risk was greatly exaggerated by the Polio Foundation before the introduction of the polio vaccine, the miracle vaccine – contaminated with a monkey virus which has been the cause of soft tissue cancers for decades since.

    Though facing no serious health risk, people are paying to have their bodies contaminated by contaminated vaccines. In taking vaccines, they are trading the minimal risk of even contracting common diseases and which themselves are rarely dangerous and can be treated if contracted – for the absolute certainty of loading their bodies with

    1. cancer and other infectious viruses,
    2. a destructive bacteria, and
    3. a fertility impairing chemical.

    They are doing this because they are being terrorized by their own government with false information on the risks of various diseases and denied critical information on the scientific risk of the vaccines.

    Those vaccines without a doubt threaten their own and their children’s fertility, and their very lives.

    Meda ase (Thank You)

    Bro Kweku Black Power Productions