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Maintaining Sanity & Balance

Maintaining Sanity & Balance Sent Thursday, August 25, 2011

Maaha (Godd Afternoon)

"We are not them. We cannot be them without losing sanity. No one can be
Afrakhem and European. The Afrkhem and European ways are irreconcilably
incompatible. Not even amalgamation can change that. Our Way is, has been and
always will be Afrakhem. So, we cannot ask of ourselves the mentacidal questions
they put in our minds. We cannot seriously ask ourselves irrelevant questions
or believe answers which lead to forgetfulness. Our questions must always lead
us home. For, how can you find your way home by forgetting your way home? How
can you find your way home by forgetting how you got to where you are now. How
can you find your way home without figuring out how you got lost in the first
place. Unless you see home as some backward, barbaric, pagan outland or limit
it to the place your stolen ancestors were brought to, you must look further
than the deception of white lies to find our truth."
Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti

Breakfast The Worse Meal of The Day

Is Breakfast The Worst Meal of The Day?

The idea that breakfast gives immediate energy is a myth and part of europeans mental illness and ignorance. Afrikans who accept this dietay myth have a fear that if they don’t eat breakfast they will get sick or very weak.

Fasting at night while asleep and melatonin helps to create the morning energy felt, Not "breaking the fast" so called "break-fast." The body gets accustomed to weight in the stomach, small intestines and the weight impacted manure in the colon. An absence of the weight and sensation of impacted food and manure causes the Afrikan to feel the need to eat.

If you feel you must break your fast during the morning hours (4 a.m. – 12 in the afternoon) your food should consist of Fresh Fruit, whole foods, spring or distilled water and or fruit juice. This should be eaten in a calm and unhurried manner, without talking.

Reference: ==> Nutricide By: Dr Llaila Afrika

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Contagious Disease Exposed

Contagious Diseases Exposed

Think About It:
Contagious diseases are a European superstition, because if u cannot "catch healthy" then u cannot "catch sick" or AIDS 4 that matter. It is illogical for a person to be healthy enough to get a "cold" (so called contagious disease) and then become sick enough to get rid of the colds.
You Cannot catch the weather – Colds, Hot, Partly Cloudy, Storms, snow etc.. The so called contagious diseases of Flu, chicken pox, mumps, measles, polio are still called contagious and occur among people with and without immunization shots. They recur year after year.

Reference: ==> Nutricide By: Dr Laila Afrika

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