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The Lost Children of the Sun.

What’s Happening on Black College Campuses?

The very first time I realized that there were "homosexuals" in Black Greek fraternities was in the early 1990’s as I visited HBCU’s throughout the country. I witnessed the existence of an entire "homosexual" chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi cross over at one institution. But as bad as I thought this was then, it was a mere glimpse at what was to come.

Now, unfolding right before our eyes, we are watching the effeminization of the Black male take full effect. Sick young Black males are organizing under the guise of "fraternal brotherhood" to form enclaves of sexually deranged homosexuals in our community. It is a swelling phenomenon that has been gaining momentum for a while. However, it has only come to the surface over the past couple of years – primarily because of the Internet and news media coverage.

Historical Perspective

We should not be surprised about what we are seeing. Black homosexuals have been quietly promoting their gay agenda in our community since as far back as Bayard Rustin (one of Dr. Martin Luther King’s chief advisers). Rustin was one of the major players in the Civil Rights era . He outwardly expressed a desire to work on behalf of justice for Black people, but his true goal was to usher in an age of accepted "homosexuality." He eventually became one of the major figures in the fight for gay rights. In addition to promoting the non-violent, pacifist protest model to our people as the exclusive methodology for seeking freedom and independence, Rustin fought diligently against the efforts of the Black progressive movement in amerikkka and abroad. He attacked Marcus Mosiah Garvey verbally and in his writings. He spied on Kwame Nkruma. He denounced The Nation of Islam, The Black Panther Party, SNCC, the Black teacher and administrators involved in the Ocean Hill-Brownsville community-control-of-the-schools program, and the entire Black Power (self-determination) Movement. He supported the illegal state of israel, going directly against the tide of Black support for the Palestinian cause at the time. In short, he was one of the greatest uncle toms of the 20th century.

In line with the theme of homosexuals dishonestly presenting themselves as Black freedom fighters when their true objective is to promote white-sex, James Baldwin used similar tactics to promote this filth among our people. He authored pornographic homosexual novels and promoted the idea that some children were homosexual by nature. Baldwin went so far as to encourage his homosexual lover, William Styron, to homosexualize his infamous novel on Nat Turner. styron agreed and authored his Pulitzer Prize-winning book, "The Confessions of Nat Turner," in which he depicts Nat Turner as a homosexual whose rebellion was sparked by his secret lust for the affection of a white female.

Needless to say, white-sex offenders have been politically and socially active in our community for a very long time.

Homosexuality on Black College Campuses

Homosexuals have been secretly mobilizing at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s) for decades. They have targeted and secured widely ranging positions from basic secretary to college dean. Many target the human resource department so that they can gain influence on the hiring and admission of others of like mind and interest. They also use their positions to block the entry of students and/or faculty who they see as threatening to their homosexual agenda.

Morehouse College is a prime example of what happens when historically Black institutions get invaded by white-sex offenders. It is among the most prominent and celebrated HBCU’s in this country. The academic program has a history of excellence and a reputation for producing some of the most prominent members of the Black educated elite. It is an all-male institution located in Atlanta, Georgia. For years, Morehouse was known for having a largely homosexual choir and glee club, which is nothing unusual in Black churches and educational institutions. What many people do not know is that Morehouse is one of the most gay-friendly HBCU’s in the US. The fact that Atlanta is the Black gay capitol of amerikkka is a definite contributor to the problem. More disturbing is fact that the white-sex problem at Morehouse is being fueled from the top. Many members of the administration, along with the teaching staff and the student body are homosexuals. When the students voted overwhelmingly against the charter for a gay fraternity, the president vetoed their vote. There is even a secretly well-organized screening process for potential faculty and students that recruits homosexuals and weeds out Black applicants who show too strong of opposition to the behavior. In fact, I personally know one member of the faculty who was pushed out because of his firm stance against white-sex.

Many Black people are surprised to find out that Morehouse is also using the curriculum to leverage support for and sympathy towards homosexuality. According to many members of the student body who I spoke to personally, the topic of homosexuality is infused throughout the mandatory course curriculum for all students, being disguised as discussions about human sexuality. In these political science, humanities, and sociology courses (among others), instructors cleverly promote acceptance and tolerance for the behavior. As one student put it,

"My observation, after 4 years at the college is that no matter where you are on the pendulum of how you feel about homosexuality, Morehouse intends to make you become more tolerant. If you do not adjust, you will not make it your 4 years at the college. I have friends who left because they wouldn’t budge. I have become more tolerant than I was. I made it."

We mentioned before that they have a clandestine, recruitment process for homosexuals. The recruitment process is so diligent that I strongly caution anyone to allow a vulnerable young man in their family to attend the choir and/or glee club orientations targeted towards young high school graduates. These often become nothing more than homosexual recruitment projects where our sons are the predatory targets of homosexuals.

Price vs Love Incident

Perhaps the most disturbing example of Morehouse’s fervent support for and promotion of white-sex among our people is in the infamous Price vs. Love incident. Aaron Price is the son of a Chicago minister, Jerome Price. On November 3, 2002, Price (5′ 3") was taking a shower when Gregory Love (6′ 2") opened his shower curtain and stood there looking at him. They exchanged words, and Price proceeded to get an aluminum bat and hit Love over the head with it. Price perceived Love’s opening his shower curtain as a homosexual advance/assault, and rightfully so. In all of my years of living, I have never heard of any non-incarcerated Black male opening the shower of one of his male peers. In my estimation, Love got away easy. A homosexual advance on a Black man is one step away from rape, and every man and woman have the right to their sexual security. In this case, Price exercised his right to defend himself against a sexual advance/assault.

Consider this: If a man had opened a woman’s shower, it would be properly viewed as an assault. If she got a gun and shot him, society would understand. We would conclude that she was in a very vulnerable position taking a shower, and that her reaction was in defense of her sexual security and privacy. Heterosexual assaults, whether direct or implied, are not tolerated by society. However, homosexuals have carte blanche to make sexual advances on Black men without any ramifications or consequences. If one does respond in an aggressive manner, we face the threat of being charged with a hate crime (which was true in the case of Price).

No action was taken against Love for opening Price’s shower. However, Price was expelled from the school. Price has served 5 years of an original 10-year prison sentence. In 2006, much to the dismay of the homosexual community, Price had 3 years taken off of his sentence. He was denied release in his last parole hearing.

This case exemplifies the homosexual aggression against strong Black manhood. Price, a college student seeking higher education by attending an HBCU, is now in prison for defending his sexual rights. To our knowledge, he was not a drug dealer, a vagrant, a thief, or a criminal of any sort. He is a Black man. And he did what a prudent Black man would do in his position. As a result, he was attacked, scandalized, excoriated, and incarcerated by the Black homosexual community. This blatant miscarriage of justice rings similar to the recent Jena 6 case in Jena, Louisiana. When Black boys stood up against racist white bigotry they were arrested and incarcerated, while the whites who attacked them were neither arrested or prosecuted. The Price vs Love case is similar. The primary difference is that whites were the culprits in Jena; Black homosexuals are the culprits in Atlanta, GA. Both groups demonstrated relentless hatred towards righteous Black male aggression.

Morehouse not only took the side of Love, but they used this incident to strike the fear of God into any individuals in the Morehouse community who were hostile towards homosexuality. Under the guise of fighting homophobia, they launched a pro-homosexual campaign that has many parents regretting sending their students to the institution.


I am not singling out Morehouse for criticism. I use them as a blatant example of the type of organized aggression the Black community faces from our institutions of higher learning. To some degree, Morehouse has become a homosexual institution where heterosexuals can go to get a good education. And this pattern of accepting and promoting white-sex on Black college campuses is ever increasing.

Homosexuals in these institutions are mobilizing all across this country to remove any vestiges of anti-homosexual sentiment from Black political thought. It is in this climate that the homosexual fraternities and lesbian sororities will blossom. Because Black people are afraid to speak out against this misbehavior, adults at these universities are free to recruit and encourage young and impressionable youth to take part in the homosexual lifestyle. And they are having great success. The fraternities and sororities are only the beginning. They are on the path to completely replacing the Black studies curriculum’s with gay curriculum’s. They are replacing the idea of Black racial justice with homosexual rights. In short, the Black educated elite are being forced to accept homosexuality without question and in some cases they are being homosexualized.


Black people need a Black Decency Movement (BDM). In fact, Positive Kemetic Visions (PKV) is starting one in 2008. This movement will establish standards of acceptable behavior for Black people. white-sex (homosexuality, pedophilia, etc. . .) will be one of the many topics covered. For the time being, I will offer some suggestions that can help to stem this tide at HBCU’s:

  1. Black alumni at these institutions need to become more involved in the sociopolitical life at these colleges. Money talks. When parents refuse to donate money and/or send their children to institutions that force their children to accept sexual deviance as normal, there will be movement.

  2. Student groups with an anti-homosexuality agenda need to be formed under the leadership of tenured professors and influential parents with the support of the student bodies. This ensures that neither the teachers or the students can be attacked for their political views without a fight.

  3. Start support groups for sexual abuse victims and others suffering from sexual confusion. Ensure that they are controlled by responsible Black, sexually sane (heterosexual) brothers and/or sisters. These groups can help our people deal with the stress and emotional pain of sexual abuse; and they can help steer our people in the right direction, sometimes even before they experiment with sexually inappropriate behavior.

  4. Invite speakers to properly address issues of relevance to the Black community. In the past, HBCU’s had a reputation for inviting controversial Black speakers to engage students in serious Black political thought. We need to get back to this practice.

  5. Share the Price vs Love story with your friends and family. Brother Price should never have been put into jail in the first place. His story is a rallying cry for Black people to clearly see that we do not share any political common ground with Black homosexuals. When it comes to picking between the rights of Black people and the promotion of sexual deviance, Black homosexuals bend over and let us down every time.

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