Natural Hair Gets Barbados School in a Twist

Repeating Islands


Remember School Daze? I couldn’t help but think about the 1988 Spike Lee film when I read this fascinating article. Global Voices reports on a recent controversy in Barbados regarding natural hair, a variety of hairstyles, and grooming choices, reigniting debate about the complexities of race and representation in the Caribbean. Please access the full article in the link below:

[. . .] Some female students at Harrison College, one of the most prestigious schools on the island, were reprimanded for sporting hairstyles which were deemed inappropriate for school, to the surprise and outrage of many.

Elva Mary Tudor, a mother of one of the students, expressed her concerns on Facebook: “My daughter’s hair style was considered too flamboyant and unsettling for school. At assembly yesterday the students were told twist outs are not appropriate for school. She will be 18 in a couple weekes [sic] and over the last…

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