Prophet Noble Drew Ali Moors

Today (January 8th) is Noble Drew Ali’s birthday

Posted by Peter Moon via Thirteen Love Community (TLC) @da13thsun

Today (January 8th) begins the Moorish American Holy Week of Freedom in honor of the Prophet Noble Drew Ali’s birthday. Noble Drew Ali was the first recognized prophet of Islam in modern day American, formerly known as Al Maurikanos (El Morocco) and taught the Moors the true history of their people. Noble Drew Ali’s Moorish Science Temple was the biggest religious movement of its time (1920s) and he was undermined by Freemasonic interests who created Amos and Andy, the first nationally syndicated radio program, to lampoon the Moorish Science Temple. The FBI scrutizined Noble Drew Ali and his Temple which was destroyed when Noble Drew departed this world. It was subsequently taken over by Wallace Farad who reorganized it and turned it over to Elijah Muhammad. Today, no mention is made of Noble Drew Ali by major media during Black History Month. The truth is not comfortable because it represents the dissolution of so many institutions. Please remember Noble Drew today and find out more about him.         
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5 thoughts on “Prophet Noble Drew Ali Moors

  1. justin jones

    Hello brother I have few things to ask you that you may can help me with dealing with proclaiming nationality and the moorish movement….if you can you can reach @ my email or call @ 8702430950


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