Thirteen Love Community (TLC) Free knowledge in PDF Files


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40 thoughts on “Thirteen Love Community (TLC) Free knowledge in PDF Files

  1. e

    Leaveing from galveston .l will be the white boy in the beat up pickup. Please dont shoot . Ha. Ha!

  2. Kween divine

    Thankh u. Thankh u. Thankh u. I’m pretty sure all my questions will receive answers now. Thankhs for not telling but showing. Peace

  3. jory lockhart

    I am trying my hardest to detach but i am surrounded by negative people ever since i left the military. What can i do to protect my self here in Cali.?

  4. Lisa Williams

    Thanks, for this. I would love to have a copy of one old dictionary. I recently purchased a copy of Dr. Afrika new book and his book on raising black children I don’t have a scanner but, if these could help someone please let me know.

    1. Super Power

      High Lisa. Thers mny free books at and even really old dictionaries from Samuel Johnson 1756. then there are some books that are found elsewhere. itll be great to see all the books that will be donated to the tlc. not everyone knows every title of every book. but someone out there is aware of a book that has many more answers.
      13supreme love

  5. Maurice

    Great books but it wont let me download. Is anyone else having this problem? Also if possible can you plz upload (the big black book). Thank you in advance,

    1. ed heilman

      Thank so. Much. I’m a lucky man. to. Get. so much love. Have. Idea. For 13 love shcool.also idea. For .water. distaltion company .using solar power. Lots of. Water. In that also. Electric. Idea using. Teslas. Therey

  6. LA96

    Thank you very much 13.

    There are certain information I needed from these collections of books to further certain things. Thank you very much..!

  7. filmtress.

    Love the info. Thanks Baby. I see the ships too. (Freaked me out at first but I’m good.)

  8. Omara Ali Gatewood

    Its some good info on here to comb through, I particularly like the info on the true history of the number 13 and of course the health stuff. Thanks big brotha 13

  9. Manolis13

    Thank you Unk, i appreciate you sharing these. Do you have any pdf on the universe/astrology? 13Love

  10. Nayram Juba Bey

    13 love 13 Ra-Spect 13 Knowledge. My name was King LledneW on Twitter, but eye got off of twitter. I just got my nationality papers and my right to travel pass and my national id card. Eye am a writer by nature, and wish to help ie assist in any way you would have me. I am not fully clean, but ancestors know eye have not eaten meat in a year. My talent is, eye have a way with words. Would be very grateful to help this movement in any way you need. Will be donating as well, soon as fiat is back stable. 13 love

    1. Ala D,

      Hi to Nayram Juba Bey,, Do you have an email for questions on paper process ii have to ask you a few things please im in Florida trying. i have a few questions you will know since you already did it yourself. thanks

    2. lisa williams

      Hi, Can you tell me how you went about doing this? Are you studying with moors as well? Thanks, Lisa

  11. Ayo

    Thank you 13th sun for this (h)earthy information. Infinite gratitude to you and Nature 13. I will like some dictionary on Yoruba.

  12. warrhied

    Hey man, I sent you a email on helping you out with your website(s). But I just saw your video where you said you don’t answer those.

    So I figured why not try here. If you want some help I’m a Web Developer for small businesses is one-

    and I was hoping we can work something out. I have a ton of ideas on how you can get your message out there from you’re site. Its so much easier than most people assume.

    If you want to talk about it my email is

  13. ed heilman

    watch you everyday. love it. send me all you. can. i would have. never. put. it. together. with. out. your. help . 13 love. thanks

  14. mariam mansor

    Love how you spread knowledge and positive vibriotions ,how can i get in contact with you ,i am looking for the law of moors and want to thank you for being 13love ,13knowledge,13raspect

  15. ed heilman

    Have sketch for cheap salt water distalation kit using solar power. Very simple. One day that. Water might not come out of facet

  16. 13Ljudevit

    what can i do for the TLC ?? i realy dont have any skills… the only thing i can realy good, is talk but not in english ^^

  17. kimarnisha

    13 Love thank you for the in formation that you have been chosen to speak out. When I dont meditate, watch yoyr vids or collect Moor knowledge i feel lost. Trying to get back to nature in the cold has been difficult however im still moving toward the Light. Peace and 13 Love.

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