5 thoughts on “Black Friday Girl Fights/Saturn 2nd Sun Info

  1. Biynaman israel

    Hello mister da13thsun. im sorry for calling you by title but I dont know your name. My name is Biynaman Yahwudah Israel and ive been watching your videos for a good while and I believe your the one im looking for. you help me so much over the past months from viewing your videos. I thought I was going crazy!!! I had problems going on with my life I didnt understand untill now. But mister 13th I ask of you a favor…i wrote down this dream. It was powerful….but I need help decoding it. If you could help me please. Also I ask of you to continue to be my elder, a teacher if you will by making the video lessons you made to reach out to people. I also want to thank you for helping me and the others out there, I’ve really learn some important things when I tune in on your messages which I sometime call class. But anyway when you ever have the time message me on youtube (biynaman israel) or yahoo biynaman@yahoo.com

  2. Sylvester Williams

    Hi 13th sun my name is Sylvester Williams I’m 32 years old time out for games. I’m asking you for 5-10 min of your time my phone number is 225-361-6182 it will be appreciated great lee. Because I really don’t like typing and I’m temporary ply on the right side so get at your people. Until we speak take care peace.

  3. Benjamin Prophet

    Peace to u brother, I am one of the few that u are here for. I request ur help my NAGGA,I don’t do social media but we need to build I have some questions regarding this blood moon situation but I have more questions also. Reach out my NAGGA I need u.

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