6 thoughts on “Healers & Dealers Moor Info

  1. Antonio Prince Bey

    bra I want to do it the right way that’s why I listen to everything you say, that’s why I go back to other videos to see if I miss something I ust want to be able to do commerce the right way and conduct myself the right way as a real moor not just talking about it. listening to you lets me know I have been doing things wrong I want to know how to conduct business and a lot of that how to get started and everything getting land staring from the bottom has you say crawl

  2. yungsun

    Im bout ta get a seasonal job & try ta save up sum $ , ima sea what i can do, ima juss be tryna stack sumthn til i find out what yu tryna do.13love

  3. Antonio Prince Bey

    when I go down there am I supposed to use my Moorish name or jut a name I make up to do commerce in this system cause I have a name correction down but I have to have two witness signatures on it just need some more clarity on it 13 love

  4. 13NatureLover13

    Gracias par la information 🙂 grateful for the wisdom on the topics u deliver! I would love to know moor about the FL territory please send me some info when the so called time is right 🙂 also I noticed how u said Dec 17th bout mama starting to make ppl suffer, yes all this material is over..& noticed that day is the next full moon! Things have been real strange lately and moving so fast! These so called wks r just flying by! I just ripped my calendar off my wall tired of looking at these fake dates we have been living under. What funny is that I never liked history in school I always used to cram for test in HS. Because none of the history made sense to me in School(hell) but my favorite subject was Math!!! Then science 🙂 because u could figure things out! Things had to add up 🙂 and with school history it never stuck to me!

  5. Mgck59

    Brother Sirius I left a comment on your 2012-2020 video I may have needed to make it a private message but I didn’t know how. I am now one of your listeners like others, your message is quite intriguing


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