The Effect of Drugs on Melanin


Melanin Absorption Ability / Drug Use
Melanin will chemically react to (or mix with) various drugs such as Marijuana, Alcohol, Cocaine, Cigarettes ect… This reaction causes the Black drug user to have a decrease in the various body functions (physically mentally, and spiritually) including the brain and causes him to be highly addictive because his body now thinks that the drug he is using is melanin (a natural component of the body). Also he will stay dependent on a drug for a longer time. Some of the legal drugs may have this same affect on black people. These drugs mix (bond to) with your melanin and causes the drug to stay in your system longer. Some electrical frequencies can be harmful to melanated people, and this energy is being sent through your body from the various electrical components around you. Melanin is produced by your Pineal Gland (spiritual gland). African’s called the pineal gland the cradle of God. The consumption of green plants keeps the Pineal Gland functioning at its highest level. The mixing of the Drug Cocaine with your body’s melanin will eventually lead to a poisoning of the body and death. Don’t use food as a drug; over eating is harmful to your health. Remember that a lot of the drugs that we ingest are substances that have been altered from their natural state. Our body’s reactions to these unnatural substances are always some kind of ill effect. This is why we have so many side effects from taking the various drugs including doctor prescribed commercial drugs (aspirin, allergy medications, ect…) drugs.
The White man’s body can not store up the large amounts of energy that the Black mans Melanated body can and this lack of energy storage due to lack of melanin causes his body to function at a lower level than that of the Black Man’s and therefore subjects him to more bodily disorders (physically, mentally and spiritually). Remember that a lot of so called White people or Blacks saying they or White, note how some so called Whites can tan(Black) but others can not(white). Historical, artifacts and human remains all show that the Black man and woman were on this planet before the white man so therefore all humanity should be classified as Black people. Which leads use to the fact that their is only one race of people on this planet and all of the separating factors such as race, religion, class, wealth, country are only man-made and not based on facts or truths.
Melanin in some instances will act like a conductor and will conduct electrical current but it also can act as an insulator and not allow current to pass through it. Melanin will also store up various minerals in the body, to use later in keeping the body functioning. It is also involved in giving Black people the rhythmic abilities in dance and song. Melanin aids in the fast movement of the eye and all other muscles in your body, one reason for this is that the melanin passes the signal from brain to the muscle, at a faster rate through the black man/woman nervous system. Your entire body operates off electric signals the majority of them from the brain. The Melanin in your body is the electric wire or conductor that sends and receives messages from the brain and environment. (The pineal gland uses copper to create melanin).
Lack of melanin in a pregnant woman may cause the woman to lose the child or the child may be born with a birth defect. This is why Whites have a higher death rate in child birth than Blacks, and they have more children born with birth defects.

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    whats your view on vitamin b12 da13thsun, ive been eating nothing but Mother Nature but people keeping telling i need b12 and cant get it anywhere else apart from meat products…sounds like a trick

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