Schumann Resonance and Human Emotional Behavior on Melanin

Schumann Resonance and Human Emotional Behavior?

Schumann Resonance!
What is it?
In between the Earth’s surface and what we call space are different levels of atmosphere. The lowest level is called the Troposphere; science claims that it extends from the surface to around 10,000m/6 miles. Above that level are the Stratosphere, Mesosphere and Thermosphere. The Ionosphere exists within the Thermosphere; part of the outer most region of Earth’s atmosphere.
In between the Earth’s surface and the Ionosphere is a resonating cavity. This cavity resonates at a frequency between 5 and 50Hz and is referred to by the scientific world as Schumann Resonance.
Why start a thread on Schumann Resonance?
We are literally bathed in a low energy field that is naturally occurring everywhere on the planet. In some regions the energy field is more concentrated or less concentrated; or of a slightly higher or lower frequency. The importance of this is how the Earths natural resonating pulse influences Human emotional behavior.
Humans and Hertz (Hz)?
In a nut shell. The human body consists of organic type matter and energy. We are bio electro chemical magnetic physical entities. Our receptors are tuned to frequencies and enable us to communicate. Human eyes are tuned to the human-visual part of the radio spectrum; human ears and mouth are tuned to the human-audio range of the spectrum and so on. Even though our receptors are tuned to those frequencies, our internal communications convert that external resonating energy into energy that our nervous system responds to then moves it all to our brains to be processed. We operate and function constantly converting resonating energy into usable forms and vice versa.
Melanin. It is not just the substance that is claimed to add color to skin. Melanolin cancer can be caused by the none presence of Melanin IMO, where melanin supports a natural biological function that allows particular wavelengths of energy emitted from the sun through the cosmos to be utilized by Humans. We have other receptors like ear, eye, nose, taste which all respond to frequency and energy that enable us to communicate. I say that melanin is also a receptor that does just the same job. Of course this is IMO.
This might be true hopefully readers can confirm: I have heard on BBC Radio4 where some kind of scientist says "the frequencies from 1Hz to 9.5Hz cause sleepiness and calmness; 10Hz to 20Hz causes headache, giddiness, vomiting feeling, and a warm effect on the face etc… White noise as an inductive field and through a moving coil loudspeaker appears to cause a cool wind effect on the body". They mentioned other frequencies and experiments that have invoked numerous emotional states including causing someone to feel the presence of spirits and see so called ghosts.
Humans are supposed to be in tune with the planet. It communicates because it is alive. The planet isn’t dead. How can a dead planet bring forth and sustain life? We must tune in to the pulse of the Earth and communicate. If the frequencies that the scientific researchers found exist and can cause human emotional states to change; and the natural pulse of the planet is also within this frequency range, then subconsciously we do hold a communication with the Earth. Thus, many of us are happy in the sunshine and not so in the big freeze!
I think it is important to escape the city and reach the countryside to rebalance your resonating frequency with the Earth. Personally I appreciate the hills and mountains because my brain aches less at these heights. All this electronic equipment in our homes, offices, class rooms, pocket and under our skin disables human harmony with the Earth. We are more in tune to TFT monitors, Microwave Ovens, IPods, Street Lights, National Grid, Watch, Mobile Phones, Every Radio and TV broadcast that goes through any form of wireless transmission, Wireless Networks, Factory Machines, the 33rd Frame of subliminal advertising that throw off masses of resonating energy that induce chemical imbalances and rebalances within the body IMO… We are swamped with chaotic energy of a wide range in frequencies that not only disrupts our Earth-Harmony connection but destroys our internal bio electro chemical magnetic integrity thus interfering with how we think and feel. People with Melanin are suffering the most because of the natural tendency to absorb a wider range of energy. But the energy Melanated people are absorbing is also forcing the planet to respond in a similar way because its natural field is also being tampered with; look at HAARP.
The day you all accept the microchip, as our planet goes through many electromagnetic changes, those who cannot tune in to the Earth because they have a transmitter blocking their connection to the Earth’s Resonance (Schumann Resonance) will not Evolve in their Consciousness to the next state of existence.

5 thoughts on “Schumann Resonance and Human Emotional Behavior on Melanin

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  3. Jose

    thank you 13 sun 13 love! no wonder when i asked my teacher about the Schumann Resonance he looked like he seen a ghost and said he never heard about it yet he teaches us about all these frequencies. i knew it was fishy! your knowledge inspires me to make music about the truth!


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