Messed Up Melanin is Killing so call Black People via Dr Suzar

"Messed-up Melanin" is killing Black people!

.In their ongoing effort to destroy People of Color, whites (scientists, chemists) create "designer drugs" that are specially structured to chemically bind with the Melanin molecule and cause Melanin to become toxic to Blacks! The molecules of these drugs resemble the Melanin molecule. The body is thus fooled and its balance is thrown off as it relies on its messed up Melanin in order to function. Major culprits include cocaine, crack, and yes, marijuana.

Blacks get addicted faster, stay addicted longer, and suffer the worse…
from these drugs which are deliberately placed in Black communities. In his vital book, MELANIN: The Chemical Key to Black Greatness, ­essential reading for all Melanated People, Carol Barnes clearly documents this subject along with the wonders of Melanin. He shows how illegal drugs alter or change Melanin’s chemical structure and thus alter many life supporting activities. Toxic drugs and chemicals are destroying the heart of Black society and causing many deaths. Barnes writes:

"MELANIN can become toxic to the BLACK HUMAN because it combines with harmful drugs such as cocaine, amphetamines, psycholic, hallucinogens, neuroleptic (tranquilizers), marijuana, ‘agent orange’…paraquats, tetracyclines…" 1


  • Toxic drugs such as cocaine, LSD, and even marijuana are very similar to Melanin and the sub-units that make up the Melanin substance. Many health-conscious Blacks consider marijuana to be a safe healthy herb, not realizing that once this (or any herb) is "cooked," it becomes a drug as far as your body is concerned!
  • Even legal drugs (tetracyclines, neuroleptics, etc.) have a remarkable affinity for reacting with or binding to Melanin and may be toxic to all Melanin centers in the Black human.
  • Other culprits which bind with Melanin and cause death for Blacks are aromatic and lipid compounds. Melanin shows extreme affinity for binding with "aromatic and lipid compounds." 2 Lipid means fat. Lipid or fat compounds (fatty acids) are animal and vegetable oil /fats used for frying and cooking. Examples are shortening and corn oil. Aromatic compounds contain benzene, a major component of gasoline.
  • Herbicides (paraquats, agent orange, etc.) bind irreversibly with Melanin and remain in the Black human throughout life causing many disorders. Hence Blacks especially, should buy organically grown food.
  • Most Blacks test positive in the urine test for marijuana! People having high levels of Melanin or a high number of pigmented centers, such as the Black human, tend to show a positive test for the use of marijuana because the chemical species found in the urine which indicates someone’s use of marijuana is also found in the urine of Black humans.

Further Information
­ MELANIN: The Chemical Key to Black Greatness
by Carol Barnes

­ Jazzy Melanin by Carol Barnes

­ African Origin of Biological Psychiatry
by Dr. Richard King

­ MELANIN: A Key To Freedom by Dr. Richard King

­ Handbook for a Melinated, Melatonin-Friendly Lifestyle
by Dr. Patricia Newton

­ The Melanin Symposium (video/audio tapes)
Institute of Karmic Guidance (see Resources)

.1) Barnes, MCK, 32. 2) Ibid.

2 thoughts on “Messed Up Melanin is Killing so call Black People via Dr Suzar

    1. Funeral Nick

      Homie Marijuana cooked is not a drug its more like a cure. Watch the documentary “Run from the Cure” a doctor by the name of Dr. Rick Simpson has been using it to cure cancer, and I don’t disagree with your right to believe what you do but, at least check out Phoenix Tears than tell me this herb cannot be turned into a non-chemo/radiation cure for cancer. Let me know get at me.


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