Think about it

Think About It!  

Think About It..
Animals instinctively fast when sick or hurt. The ill animal sips only water until well again.
Most people do just the opposite of the animals when they are sick. They maintain hectic work schedules and eat a rich diet, and take anything they can find to gain comfort.
Most are unaware that symptoms of runny nose or fever are the treatment the body has prescribed to remedy the condition. The increased mucous production is the body’s means of flushing away infected cells n toxins from the body.
Typical cold and fever symptoms that most will try to suppress are nothing more than the attempts of the body to restore balance and remove dis-ease itself.
By using drugs you abort the natural processes of the body, thereby making matters worse or prolonging the condition.


Meda ase (Thank You)

Bro Kweku #800-671-1541

2 thoughts on “Think about it

  1. Maria


    So my comment has nothing to do with your blog post, but I didn’t know how else to get in contact with you. I wanted to share a dream that I had with you;

    Everyone was lined up for the doctors, I’m talking HUGE out the door line because there was a “pandemic” spreading. Then when people got the vaccines they just dropped dead.

    Then I saw myself and a friend, emerging from woods. We were wearing potato sacks for clothing and we looked really dirty like we hadn’t showered in weeks. We broke into this HUGE fortresses yard. It was a giant giant giant place, and in the yard was filled with so many different valuables, like gems and rocks and others. We had a wheelbarrow and our intention was to fill it with some rocks so that we could trade it for food, when the door of the fortress opened. The person who opened it was a woman, wearing all black, with a feathered hat and a feathered boa constrictor scarf. She looked like a crow. She didn’t even say anything or come near us, but upon seeing her we dipped straight out of there.


    What do you think of this dream?


    1. da13thsun Post author

      Lol, hard to say but its a warning about vaccinations shots & getting back to Nature ways was coming through The Forest & running into Paradise aka Mother Nature. Dark melanin being in which you probably to far from or scared of. Remember The Universe is run by Dark Matter Energy & what we think is beautiful is sometimes could deadly & vice versa. Everything is in reverse. 13 love


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