8 thoughts on “An unlikely farm feeds a community by Ron Finley

  1. Shawn

    Much love bro didn’t watch the video but I watch you on youtube all the time though. Yeah I know I know you from somewhere and all that good stuff we all have a bigger story than some of us can remember. I’m just feeling lost and I thought I’d let you know that you help me a lot bro. I don’t eat meat or anything processed anymore as I’ve always intended but you gave me the kick I needed I guess. I know you understand the feeling of the outside world not matching what you want on the inside. This is an evil place and I’m just trying to find a way to navigate through it without stressing so I can be happy with myself and my girl. I know true happiness lies in detaching from the whole thing but I’m just starting out 20 years old and the world is deaf to what I’m saying. Been doing the wall st thing downtown Orlando you may or may not know about all that but I know you been around FL. I know this aint for me busting my ass just to break even and school is so evil it takes all my energy just to get my ass in that prison classroom. I only do it to buy time and hopefully turn that evil degree into a way to make some money from home so I can be with my girl and give her the things she needs to live. She’s not a product of this beast she understands me sees me for what I see and feel a part of her understands it too but she doesnt see the world for what it is as much as I do. Fuck yeah I know that’s not the way to go I gotta detach to be me but I just haven’t figured that one out yet. Your energy helps me man I’m grateful for what you do it’s the last few little things that keep me going. Blank faces and concern for my sanity is all I get from the outside world. Be easy man.

    Shawn, Orlando FL

  2. Ubasti Lyra

    Peace and greetings, as of recently I’ve been having a issue with commenting on youtube so I try contacting you some how I think I got censord for commenting a illuminati spokes Person

  3. Shawn

    Yo man got caught up in a moment of weakness shit fell on you unfortunately the light attracts that shit we know that. Gonna keep goin strong and transform myself into the solar being I am youre right man fuck it time is now no reason to hang around this low shit anymore. Thanks for what you do brother 13th love see you where it matters bro.

  4. ASIYA

    13 Love! I know how you are about getting a lot of messages but I HAD to message you on this one. My parents named me Melanie, but I am NOW Asiya (Ah-SEE-Yah). Thank you for what you’re doing and for hanging out with me in my dream last month. I had to message you after seeing that you posted a video just yesterday April 7, 2013 to the women and letting them know they need to get back to loving themselves (Message to My Queens, Mother’s, Women, Girls, Ladies, Females). It’s so perfect because I am also doing my video series (for my movement: “Free Your Mind to Shine”) and talking about different topics to get others to raise their vibrations and start loving themselves. Yesterday, I ALSO did a video on going within and getting back to loving self to get back to zero point. I also did a couple other videos too, one on compassion and one on taking responsibility for everything that happens in your physical reality because it was manifested in your world so you can look for the messages in those situations to learn your lessons. To top it off, your video was 7:19 and that is my earthday (according to their calendar 🙂 I am FULLY aware that I am EVERYTHING and not just a cancer) But 7:19 breaks down to 17 which is 8 which is 1+3+1+3= 13 13 so no matter how it goes I’m in there! 🙂 I got my DNA activated back in November and I truly feel the universe carrying me and guiding me like a newborn baby every second of the day. I’ve shed so many lower vibrational thoughts and habits that no longer serve me in this journey. I still have a lot to work on with self to get the rest of my strands connected, but they are definitely replicating and LIFE IS TRULY GREAT 13. Thank you for ALL of your confirmations through your videos and for being an AMAZING manifestation in my life as well as the others who are trying to get their wings and WILL get their wings. You keep me on my toes and everyday I make sure I get a dose of you along with my green smoothies lol! Love you SO much 13thsun to the 13th power! Oh and my mother loves you too! She’s 69 yrs young and WOW the transformations and habits shes breaking through my influence and listening to you is AMAZING! I’m SO proud of her! Thanx for backin me up whenever she tries to fight the things I tell her for her own good lol! Keep em coming…I’m walking with you and will be flying when that time comes!

  5. K

    I see the serpents eyes, I did not at first but I do now. I can’t tell if I’m losing my mind but it doesn’t feel that way. I could use some serious advice and if I’m not worthy of advice please let me know. Scare the shit out of me in my dreams or something, just let me know. Thanks


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