2 thoughts on “Fake People portraying Moorish Americans

  1. Shawn Hampsten

    I have a concern, I wish to speak in private. It’s about my queen & her dreams. Please Email me if you feel it’s the right thing to do. Much Love, 13.

  2. Chen

    You know what is Pathological abouit these Devils, is the fact that THEY talk DOWN about Every NON-european culture, Degrade NON-european cultures world over, send to this day missionaries to keep the “faith” alive and damn near Killed off Moors for Raspecting their Ankcestors in the past, ( please watch “goodbye uncle tom”) and STILL Destroying anything bout us….YET these ASS HEADS would LICK the floor with their tongues in some lodges in secret because of the Moorish symbols ON the Floor! Maybe in a way that’s why they hate us, cause they HAVE to EAT SHIT for our knowledge. Too Bad!


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