Parasites in body

The signs of parasites in the human body

itchy ears, nose, anus

men: sexual dysfunction


slow reflexes

gas bloating

unclear thinking

loss of appetite

yellowish face

fast heartbeat

heart pain

pain in the navel

eat more than normal, still feel hungry

blurry or unclear vision

pain in the back, thighs, shoulders


numb hands

burning sensation in the stomach

women: problems with menstrual cycle

drooling while sleeping

damp lips at night

dry lips during the day

grinding teeth while asleep

bed wetting


sinus condition
bloody stools

skin conditions
sugar cravings

bad breath

ringing in the ear
difficulty in breathing

dark circles under the eye

10 thoughts on “Parasites in body

  1. Bouyea

    I have been following you and am transitioning into changing my mind, my body, and my name. I noticed you have Bey at the end of your name. Who is your teacher so I can learn. I will have the last name EL. Can you assist me?

  2. Akasha Nevaeh

    Ive been watching alot of your vids and ive been finding out more thngs every day. One of your vids tht was about the fictious name packet was one of my favs. I reside in Missouri and was able to look up on the net a fictious name form which is going to cost me $7 to file. But I was wondering, after I file it how can I get an ID with tht name on it?? I heard u mention somethng similar in tht vid. Another thng I liked about ur vids was tht u mentioned about the high azz prices tht those other people want to charge for the UCC stuff and u r so right on point. There is a site tht claims to be part of the Moors and they charge $720(UCC and Name Reclaimation). Once I file the form will I automatically get a tax id number, therefore not having to pay taxes? Just would like to say thank you in advance!! By the way, I quoted u in one of my vids on youtube(products that i bought for my locs), hope u dont mind.

  3. tiffany

    hello my melanin rich dream cum tru 🙂 we connected online about 7 mos ago and id like to reconnect again..this is tiffany from charlotte nc (nice dredlocks, mocha complexion,). email me at Come give me some of that melanin rich deep knowledge. I need your lessons. 13 love!

    1. da13thsun Post author

      Queen what it beez like? You can reach me at faster than you can on this site. I need to start spending more time making this blog right. But I be so busy. How do you know I suppose to be coming to NC? Have you been stalking my dreams & mind? Just joking Queen, Get at me 13love

      1. kristin

        Did you not get my message or are ur just ignoring me. It would be nice if i could get an answer.

  4. Mark

    13 love 12 knowledge 13 wisdom 13 respect. My brother I thank you and thank God for all you do. Since I put up my pyramid and placed a picture of my family inside. Our lives have changed dramatically. My wife and daughter have a hard time believing this is the reason but I believe it is the only reason. With all. the info and dis info on the internet. I am ready to get rid of my computer. I watch your videos because they resonate with me. I have known of theses things in my heart for a long time but did not want to believe it, but now there is no denying it. I have three questions for you and I know you get a lot of questions. Two questions are of utmost importance too me and the other I think I know the answer but not sure. #1 Who is Lord Rayel ?? #2 My daughter has a demon in her head from eating pork. Which has now stopped, but she has voices in her head telling her to do negative things even kill herself. how can I chase them out? and finally what are your thoughts on marijuana? . 13 love 13 knowledge 13 wisdom 13 respect

  5. Mohamed Sesay

    the only one i had was the ringing but that started ever since i began meditating more frequently so im in some doubt.

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