3 thoughts on “Watch out for Our Children & Teach them Right – YouTube

  1. Maatrakha

    Thank you very much for the video, It really help me see alots of things from another angle! I just got started on your video! I was turned on to you by another sister, and your really informative and deep! Keep up the good work! I subscribed to your youtube page! And watch as many as I can but I must admit, I’m reseaching alots of stuff and some things you talked about.

  2. Stef

    I’ll like to share one of my 1st memories with you, mainly because i think you can understand it more than i. Here goes.

    I was positioned at ceiling height (not in the physical), watching my mum changing my nappy/diaper. After, the baby, walked to the front door and i went towards the sunlight in the window.

    Then i woke up, confused, because i was inside the baby, now 4-5 years old, and i knew all the names of my family and the English language. I’ve tried speaking to people about it, but their waiting for Jesus.

    I’ll like to here you thoughts on this. Peace 13Raspect.

  3. Intellectual Revolutionary

    Greetings brother. I have been searching for you, and here you are. I would like to have a more interactive conversation with you. We have much to discuss. Please contact me, or tell me how I can contact you. I do not have a twitter account. Email or skype would be ideal.

    -D 13-31-13


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