Time to Think

If You Haven’t Said it I’m Sure You’ve Heard it Said

There was once a Very well known saint in India.. while teaching his disciples the man says: "Always look to people who don’t have as much as you have, and you will feel very happy. If you have a house, always look to the people who don’t have a house. Naturally you will feel happy. If you have 1 eye, look at the person who is blind… you will feel happy."

But what type of happiness is this? And what type of religion is this? Naturally we can’t throw away the other side of the coin.

You have 1 eye – when you look at the blind person you feel happy. Now you come across the person with 2 beautiful eyes, then how should you feel? You will feel unhappy.

In your so-called happiness, unhappiness is also implied. No, through comparison nobody comes to joy. Joy is a non-comparative state.


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