1 thought on “Dr Phil Valentine: The Meta Somatic Awakening Of Self Pt 8

  1. Justice Solomon

    13 truth 13 astro travel 13 well being greetings 13thSun I saw you in my dreams a while back your aura was green n blue mine was gold n red you where explaining something n a funny manner I couldnt hear you thou. Then that night or a couple nights after I unplugged everything n my room so my light body could leave my room. This was the realist dream I have ever had I woke up n looked out my window my street was divided by light n darkness my side was n darkness while across the street was n light I looked up to the stars n one star was flickering the color of the chakras the star sent a light to the clouds then space ships came from the clouds destroying my neighbors house with light beams then I was screaming to my fam get up we have to leave the house then the dream shifted to me fighting 3 dracos doing well until they scooped me n started running with me then I started hitting em n the back then like you said they scratch me then I felt my light body go bk n2 my psychic body still feeling the scratches then I saw one of those shape shifters standing ovr me half awake hafe sleep at this point he took the image of my sister then formed n2 a frog looking thing n that was it waiting to get my stamps so I can eat 100% natural 13 peace my fellow astro traveler.


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