1 thought on “How to WILL things with the Full moon, 13 willing into existence

  1. Qadar

    i don’t remember having any dreams recently but ive been coming across things that seems to be a cycle ive been watching some of your vids.
    and this has to be true..
    im 17 my mom had my drugged up on freaking vaccinations I cant see that well ive been trying to become more spiritual and what not..i know things are about to hit off and get crazy real soon I can’t explain it..the ww3 the fema camps they got ready over here in america this this and that..
    you say i need to each fruits and veggies right?
    also what do you think of fasting..like not eating for weeks and meditating in the sun..are those some ways to become more spirtual some how and break away from this beast?? i need help im tired of this bull—- fake world..


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