2 thoughts on “calcified thinking people in 3D Mode all the time

  1. Simon

    See 13. here’s a perfect example of what has been going on. i do the exact same thing with a mango. exact same. just did it. then i click on random video and here you are,eating the mango. help me understand. i am still fresh but i am passed these others. i want to help them though. hit me back. one.

  2. Philsha

    Hello young one. I am so grateful for your insight. The area of challenge I find myself in quite often, is maintaining my equilibrium around the walking dead. I am a Sista living in a very Caucasian area and I feel like I’m engaged in a telepathic martial arts fight everyday. It increases daily. The oppressor attitude, since of entitlement and manipulation. I have observed bi polar behavior and I have observed slight shifts in their eyes or face. I know this is not a race thing…I know this is happening to those who are no longer connected to themselves. I’m just in an area where they are the majority. Time is accelerating and yet ceasing. This Starseed requires consult in the multi-dimensional realm … you feel me son! Peace


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