4 thoughts on “13 Reason to let your VAGINA BREATHE/Stop killing your SELF.

  1. Het-Heru

    So glad you posted this video… so many people loooove themselves some seafood …. and stay in red lobster lol……….I never did like seafood like that lol.. And also don’t like the way the vagina smells like fish after we eat fish… so that’s why i stay away from it. I knew that something was not right …. There is a reason for everything folks.

  2. China Brooks

    Yes!! Also, the yoni needs sun. I go up on my roof and handle it, ha ha. I smell SO much better when I do 90-100% living foods. Not that gourmet raw shit, but straight up fruit and green juice. When a woman sleeps with a man who doesn’t understand that she is a temple of God, it’s like letting a fucking vampire suck her dry. Thank you for this reminder. You are straight keepin’ it real!! The semen from men smells bad too. Seriously, that can make a woman stink. And the men don\’t know that it\’s them not her. Because he doesn’t eat enough living foods. Indian women don’t have the feminine problems we have here in the States. I’m sure it’s because of those tight ass pants. If women would stop with the tight pants all the time and change their nutrition, they would not have the yeast problems. Also, filling the body with light every single day and night works wonders. Plus, women have to protect (fiercely) their sexual energy. The lymphatic system has to be cleansed. Watermelon, apple, lemon, green juices, and fruits can change lives! And YES, I hear you though, ha ha.


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