The Phoenix Rises


The Phoenix Rises




Asleep are My Ancient People.




We are the Direct Bloodline Posterity





The Ancient LeMurians,



A Heroic and Noble Race



That walked the Earth during



A Golden Age,



Long before



Pale  People’s



So-called civilization





Infected Fallen Humanity!



Although, we the Firstborn,



Are currently underwater,



The Resurrection



Is at hand



And the





Phoenix is rising!



Dr. Yaffa Bey

January 2008



Humanity means

human + nit + y,

or human not I, because nit

means not and “y” means “I”!


We are not human!  We went to sleep to make amends and to assist the humans, but they rejected us and our help.

2 thoughts on “The Phoenix Rises

  1. G Mac Hanpants06 on YT

    hey 13,

    cant believe you posted this when i saw it. a kept seein the phoenix symbol yesterday, got an album in the post 10 days late by an artist called phoenix da icefire, in a small village a saw a firebird with the phoenix symbol across the bonnet and then a came home after a day of meditation and checked out this site for only the 3rd time after havin watched your vids fr months n uve posted this, earlier in the week i kept thinking about because someone mentioned it also. only problem is am not as highly melanated as you shall we say, can i still be a lemurian soul? or ancient…? shit gets deep. wont let this shit distract me too much but was a crazy day.
    A whole lota love xxxxxxxxxxx

    1. da13thsun Post author

      everybody has melanin to live on the planet, You have to get back to nature More to bring more of it on the outside which is on the inside. Go back inside self and bring it out..13love


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