Who is on Indian Reservations?

(This Article was modified on Friday, June 27, 2008)

Captain John Smith said the People found living on the shores of America had brown colored skin. Although I won’t quote him, he said something like, “Even though their babies are born white, they become a brown color as they grow up.” Well, the same thing is said of our babies even to this day!

Do not allow anyone to mislead you into thinking that the brown skin Captain Smith spoke of, applies to the the Spanish speaking peoples that are called brown today. Most of the people that are currently called brown, are really a type of beige, not brown. If we are going to put people into color castes, then let’s keep it real!

It IS true that the Autochthons of Central and South America originally WERE copper-colored. Unfortunately, due to the cross breeding forced on them by the pale Spanish Conquistadors i.e., conquerors that invaded their lands and infiltrated their bloodlines, they, like some of their North American brethren, have become immensely bleached up. Just look how light skinned some of your own, so-called Black, comrades, classmates, neighbors, co-workers, and relatives are these days.

We know for a fact that the word “American” originally applied to the Copper-Colored races the Europeans found on these shores. Pull out a copper colored penny and put it on the back, or brown, side of your hand. Who’s people does the definition describe? So, the question of the day is vastly significant to real AmErican Autochthons. If we (so-called Black People) were the people the Europeans found on the shores of America, then what people live on the Reservations now?

Not only are the majority of them NOT Copper-Colored, they are NOT brown in color either. Actually they look exactly like the Hollywood version of pale skinned Indians in John Wayne, and other Western movies. As a hypnotist, I am well aware of the fact that the mind believes whatever it is REPEATEDLY told, or shown, over and over again.

So, let’s take a look at what image of an American Indian our minds were being programmed to accept. The actors that play Indians in Hollywood Westerns were Europeans, or so-called white people, dressed up as so-called Indians.

The people that currently live on reservations are what we have been programmed to believe Indians look like. They are Europeans, or so-called white people, dressed up as so-called Indians. The Ancient Ones that ARE copper colored and still live on reservations were re-classified. The CORPORATION known as the U.S. government, deliberately ordered that the copper-colored Ancient AmEricans be labeled as runaway African slaves, and/or African Freedmen on the Dawes and census rolls. All the others, with pale skin, were labeled as Indians.

So, how did all of these pale foreign, so-called white, people manage to get onto the reservations and pass themselves off as the Brown skinned, Copper-Colored Autochthons that the Europeans found on America’s shores in the first place? THEY TRADED PLACES!

European Pilgrim Fathers came to America SPECIFICALLY LOOKING FOR the dark skinned remnant seed of the great and Noble heroic ones that walked the Earth during the Golden Age before pale civilizations infected the Earth and her people. When the Jesuits of the Roman Catholic Church initially found our People, they observed us to learn from us and report their findings back to the Pope, the queen, and the king.

Unfortunately, they were SO IMPRESSED WITH US that their awe and amazement is precisely what caused our downfall and demise. After our shores became overrun with European invaders from Scotland, Ireland, England, Holland, Germany, France, Britain, etcetera, the Roman Catholic Church had to build more and more churches to keep up with the Christian populace that they were determined to control.

If you comprehend what Christianity was about, then you will see how a lot of our problems began. Christianity is the Church of Rome! The Church is the WHOLE body of Christian believers that believe in Jesus Christ. Surprisingly, it was Rome, with Jewish instigation, that Crucified Christ in the first place!

The Pope, of the Roman Catholic Church, IS the Supreme Head of ALL Christians in, and of, Christianity!

Initially, the Christian Church was ONLY Western Asia. Today, Western Asia is called Europe. Unfortunately, the Christian Church of Rome/Europe has practically swallowed up the whole Earth.

Christianity was, and probably still is, the religion/church of death, pain, TORTURE, destruction, bloodshed, dysfunction, filth, and suffering. Since Christians held bathing in contempt, it was against the religion to bathe. To take a bath once a year was considered entirely too much bathing.

As a matter of fact, there was such an extreme appreciation for dirt, fecal matter, and filth, that licking the dirt, feces, and pus, off of the most diseased leper that one could locate, was the requirement for becoming a Saint! In addition to licking the filth off of a horribly diseased person, you also had to wash their nasty feet with your hair.

Whipping and beating the hell out of yourself, and others, was (and may still be) a favorite past time of Christians. It is called flagellant scourging. This included beating the blazes out of their own children. The intended objective was to leave deep bleeding gashes for wounds. (How many so-called slaves was this done too?)

Since they harbor a hatred for women, then pederasty, or sex with little boys was, and still is, their sexual preference. That is why the Roman Catholic Church stays in trouble when it comes to the Altar boys that they perpetually alter! To sodomize a male when he is a youth tends to cause such immense inner turmoil for him, that it destroys him in a way that he may not be able to recover from as a man.

What does any of this have to do with who is on the reservations? Well, that is what I’m building up to. When the Europeans bombarded the Americas they found our People living serene and contented lives in the Heath/Woods/Forests. The Pilgrims (pilgrims means foreigners) were under the oppressive yoke of Christian misery, TORTURE, pederasty, and suffering.

Once their men, women, and children were exposed to the loving, generous, and pleasing lifestyle of our people, many of them ran away from the Christian colonies to live amongst us. The colonies were losing their subjects at the rate of thousands, not hundreds, THOUSANDS! It was to the point that when parents, and spouses would come to our people to retrieve their relatives for return to the colonies, these relatives would be terrified of their own families.

They were so unwilling to go back with their relatives that the children would run away from their parents and go screaming into the arms of the melanin rich adults that had taken them in. More often than not, the adults and children that had run away were LITERALLY dragged back to the colonies kicking and screaming. In many instances their family had to actually tie the individual up, to get them away from us.

These individuals would often wait for the first opportunity to run away and return to our people again. Unfortunately for us, some of these people had run away from parents and spouses that were part of the Jesuit militia, and/or Christian ministry. If you comprehend the type of CONTROL FREAKS that these people were – and still are, then you’ll realize just how dangerous that was for us.

To stop this practice of running away, they came up with laws against Indianizing to stop the massive Indianization of European settlers. However, the laws were not as effective as they needed them to be; therefore, they had to come up with something more efficient in order to stop Indianization.

Jesuit militia (Jesuits are undercover Roman Catholic soldiers) began to also come into our communities under the pretense of running away to be amongst us. Once these Christian soldiers were in our midst, they DRESSED UP as us and began committing horrible crimes against European outsiders.

Although we were unaware of these actions, they were blamed on our People. Some of these acts involved murder, robbery, rape, and scalping of Europeans.

Shortly thereafter, false horror stories about our People, Culture, and Lifestyle began to circulate. Once these fear based tactics had successfully demonized our people as savages and criminals, then it became acceptable and popular, for Europeans to destroy us by whatever means necessary.

The motto became, “The only good Indian is a dead Indian.” Doesn’t this all sound familiar? These are the exact same tactics used to accomplish the same results today! Our people are still made to suffer for crimes committed by Europeans. The new motto is “The only good nigger is a dead nigger.”

At any rate, Europeans began to kill off the Bison and burn our food crops in efforts to starve us. Then the wars began. They successfully began to kill us off, put us into slavery, and start grabbing up our lands. Shortly thereafter, they marched most of us through the Trail of Tears with insufficient shoes, clothing, food, water, and rest. The Trail of Tears was a long agonizing and tortuous walk through miles of cold, or heat.

The records say thousands, but I’d guess millions, of our people perished along these perilous marches. There is something that MUST be remembered. The journeys were coordinated by people that enjoyed causing, and experiencing, pain and suffering. More than that, the Europeans that had run away to live with us were also accustomed to this type of pain and suffering. Since they ran away, then they obviously didn’t like it, but they were accustomed to it nonetheless. We were NOT!

After our survivors were tracked off to reservations, upon arrival, our people’s heads were shaved as a form of humiliation. Our children were immediately confiscated from their weak and weary parents and kept away from them for a minimum of 8 years!

During those 8 years, our children’s names, language, religious beliefs, and mode of dress were changed to that of our captors. Many of our boys were taken thousands of miles away to places like Canada and put into ALL BOY’S SCHOOLS RUN BY JESUIT PEDERASTS!

When, and IF, our children were returned to their parents, they had been tortured, beaten, molested, destroyed, and/or damaged so badly that they were total strangers. Not only were they forbidden to speak their cultural language, or be called by their cultural appellations/names, they frequently didn’t even remember their parents, or the language their parents greeted them in. Remember, some of them were taken at an extremely young age.

They returned with a new religion and a new god. Jesus was now their new Lord and Saviour. Many of them returned as disrespectful armed soldiers to police the reservations their elders had been forced to live on. Thousands of them died suspicious deaths and were never returned to the reservations at all, or their parents were already dead when they finally were returned. Please don’t forget that in some cases, the parents were already dead, before the children were kidnapped and forced into the Europeans’ dysfunctional, so-called, Culture against their will in the first place. This was the Europeans idea of civilizing the people that they could NOT keep their people from running to for refuge.

Keep in mind that this was totally different than what occurred with the European children AND ADULTS that CHOSE our culture over their own! Thousands, probably millions, of Europeans VOLUNTARILY opted to become like us. THERE APPEARS TO BE NOT EVEN SO MUCH AS ONE SINGLE REPORTED CASE OF ANY OF OUR PEOPLE VOLUNTARILY CONVERTING TO THE EUROPEAN’S SO-CALLED CULTURE!

We became Europeanized and Christianized by FORCE. Not by CHOICE! Don’t EVER forget that. It was done to destroy a people that they were jealous of, because they could not compete well enough to keep their own people under their control freak rule to maintain loyalty to their own lifestyle.

So, who is on the reservations today? The people you see on the reservations today are the descendants of thousands, maybe millions, of Indianized Europeans and the descendants of the Europeans that had children with our people.

Some of them are Shemnite half-breeds of us. Some are descendants of Asians that crossed the Bering straits. Yet, most of them are just Europeans whose ancestors came to us as refugees. It is as simple as that!

They ran away from their own people seeking to be saved by us. In return, they repay our people by claiming to BE US, calling us Africans, and denying us access to our own heritage documentation! So, if you didn’t know who is on the reservations, now you do.

Be Level and Calm,
Dr. Yaffa Bey
February 2008

4 thoughts on “Who is on Indian Reservations?

  1. Kushite Prince

    Good post brother! Yaffa Bey goes in hard. That sista knows her stuff. She has some amazing intellect. I’ve seen a few of her videos on Youtube. I think it’s important we get information out there that can get people out of the Matrix. We all have to do our part. 13love

  2. Shomari Rashun

    Please accept my humble apology my Brother in light and unblock me on twitter (@iprollyBonedHer) i’m very sorry and opened to your wisdom. Please brother. Follow me back.

  3. milla

    I seem to wake up more each day constantly learning…@Milla219 on twitter follow back brethren peace and love 13

  4. Raven

    I went to a music festival camping trip with friends on Cherokee indian land in GA. It was very interesting and at the time I was still learning myself and the truth. Well, being that there were only a few brown ppl at this festival everyone was still friendly and many of the Europeans I spoke with said they lived on reservation. I thought that was so so odd. How? I thought reservation were for indigenious ppl only. Anyway, the man whose family owned the land and pretty much watch over the ppl during the festival was also very European looking, pale but he had a long ponytail and wore traditional native wear. That was odd too. When, I began my journey of learning who the true Natives were I put the puzzle pieces together and now I finally understand. I was wondering what happen to the authentic darker race of people. Why were they so light and Chinese looking? Thank you for the clarification.


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