Hey Youngster, You Are Not Black

Edited January 20, 2011

    The American Autochthons of the Washitaw Empirical Nation currently call themselves, and are identified by others, as people of color, Negroes, Blacks, Black-Americans, Afro-Americans, African-Americans, Moors, Moorish, Moorish Americans, Moslems, Black-Indians, Niggahs, etc.

    The truth is that these Ancient pre-Colombian people are the nappy, wavy, curly, locked, spiral, kinky haired copper-colored dark skinned races of Autochthonous Aboriginal Indigenous Stellar Mound Builders that the European pilgrims found on the shores and Islands of North, Central, and South America when they landed here.  As Malcolm X said, “We never landed on Plymouth Rock.  Plymouth Rock landed on us!” We were already here when they showed up.

    Forced and voluntary crossbreeding with the BLACK SKINNED (which literally means PALE SKINNED) Indo-Europeans (which means Germanics) from Spain, France, Holland, England, Ireland, Scotland, Austria, and Germany, along with the VERY small number of dark bluish-chocolate skinned Africans that came with them, caused our copper-colored dark skin and brown eyes to be lightened, or darkened.

    This explains why our Asiatic brethren have more varied skin, eye, and hair, color than we had before the pale ones arrived.  It also explains how so many pale skinned Germanics have gone from blue, green, and gray eyes with blond, or red hair, to the current array of brown and hazel eyes with brown, or black hair.

    Vast amounts of lightened and bleached up autochthons began to pass themselves off as pale invaders.  The pale invaders who were genuine and that had acquired melanin in their bloodline have buried and denied that tidbit of their lineage.  [Watch the movie “Rabbit Proof Fences,” because the same child abduction and inbreeding practices occurred here in America.]  Many of these self-hating half-breed people became more oppressive and hostile than so-called pure Whites.  J. Edgar Hoover, the FBI director of the 1960’s, is a prime example of a self-hating half-breed.

    Pale skinned persons that call themselves White, but have dark hair, dark eyes, and tan very easily, have higher amounts of so-called black blood in their ancestral line than their blond haired blue-eyed, red haired green-eyed, or sandy haired gray-eyed brethren.  Some of them know it and some do not.  Using the term ‘White’ for pale people is a misnomer, since the terms “White” and “Free White Person” originally applied politically to the people that call themselves Black today.

    Now that many racial groups of Asiatic (so-called Black), Asian, and Caucasian, people are all here on the American’s shores, no one wants to leave.  Despite the fact that we, as a people, have not moved in and taken over anyone else’s country, we continue to find that we are not welcome anywhere – including here at home.  It seems that these groups do not intend to acknowledge the presence of “WE THE PEOPLE” who are on our own American shores.  The word “American” means of the woods, forests, and heath – not to mention “COPPERED COLORED” Races.  That is one reason we were called Heathens (essence of the woods and forest).

    It is our nature to welcome, attempt to befriend, and support all of these visitors from foreign lands.  Yet, we are ignored, disrespected, and rarely employed by any of the people who come here from everywhere on Earth to capitalize on our despair and temporary loss of identity.  They all behave as if they wished we would simply disappear and go away from our own country.  As a result, our people are being ethnic cleansed right off of these shores that we are part and parcel of.

    Indo-Europeans keep telling other races that we’re too pathetic to support ourselves.  Yet, every time we set up a successful community and prove that we can do it, the pale ones take active steps to DELIBERATELY SABOTAGE our efforts.  Black Wall Street, Rosewood, Allensworth, Move, Yahweh Ben Yahweh, and Malachi York, are prime examples – just to name of few.

    They poisoned our water, burned us out, dropped bombs on us, ran us off at gunpoint, or lied in their media to defame and character assassinate the leaders, in order to frame them in their de facto courts.  Yet, they NEVER interfere with the communities and little towns of foreigners that come from everywhere else in the world to set up shop here.

    Where have we gone?  American Autochthons, or so-called Black people, are disappearing at an alarming rate.  Yet, we don’t even seem to notice, or care.  I’d say that melatonin tablets, human growth hormone pills, penis erection pills, melanin contact lenses, melanin sunglasses, melanotan injections, and melanin tea, are made from real (not the claimed synthetic) melanin.  Where else is all this melanin coming from?

    Who has melanin in extremely large amounts?  The most abundant source of melanin comes from melanin rich, dark-skinned people.  It is what makes us dark.  It does not come from Black people, because the word Black is “blaec” and means wan, bleached up, and pale in color!  Young brothers and sisters, you are NOT black!  You are melanin rich.  Be clear on that.  Get your facts together.  You contain FAR more power than you think!

By Dr. Yaffa S.I.V. El Bey

4 thoughts on “Hey Youngster, You Are Not Black

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  3. aset ba hotep

    I downloded your lecture piercing the fog off you tube and my kids have been informing as many kids as possible, actually starting arguements at schools with the teachers etc. It’s sad when you show people the truth and they still ignore the facts. Thanks for all you do sister.
    Peace and Love.


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