4 thoughts on “Mother Natures Pharmacy

  1. Charles

    Hey, maybe I’m just trippin, but I tried some of your basic techniques, after watchin this video, last night… Out of curiosity… I wrote down that I wanted to remember my dream, said it, crossed my legs, connected my finger tips and tried to clear my mind. My window was open, all lights were off, any electronics unplugged, even my phone. The only other being in the room was my cat, who likes to jump on the bed and sleep under me. Anyway, I’m not sure what happened, but I ended up dreaming that I was floating around my room, defying gravity, with my cat. When I was done having fun, I laid back down to go to sleep, my cat jumped up on my be, like always. But another cat followed him. It had blue eyes, I knew it wasn’t mine, I tried to put it out, but when I grabbed It, I could not move or speak. I was paralyzed, A dark figure, I couldn’t see was sitting in my chair, whispering to me in a language I could not understand. I fought the paralysis, trying to call my roommate for help… It was like I was floating in and out of being awake and sleep, trying to end the dream, I was trying to yell for help but was only moaning, I woke up, when my roommate came in my room askin me why am I calling her and I scared the shit outta her with my story… She was like, don’t worry, the cat will protect you. I wasn’t scared, wondered about what had happened, for a minute and decided to go back to sleep… Any Idea?


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