5 thoughts on “Nature 1st Wombman 1st and I PROTECT them BOY.

  1. Taalibah

    which blender are you using in the smoothie video?
    Yesterday I was able to spend 4 hours in the sun sitting by a tree out back… I had to move around the tree as the sun moved… I just sat there all afternoon reading and meditating … weird thing is … I saw this butterfly then I saw another one just like it … I was wearing a black orange and white dress…the butterflies were black with orange and white on the wings… at first I thought there were three of them…Im not sure but I did see two fly together a couple different times … finally one landed on my foot and sat there sometimes streching its wings and then just being still… now if I can just get comfortable with all the little bugs…Im working on it! lol

    1. da13thsun Post author

      Vitamix QUeen, Keep getting that sun and back to nature, Trust me it will be wo
      rth in the end. You have to raise your vibration up. 13love


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