2 thoughts on “2012 Cosmic dreams you been having are real

  1. Will

    Hello brother! I just found you on youtube and love your words. I’m starting to look through your videos now and felt the urge to comment. I have had many dream experiences that have been very insightful. Thought I’d mention this one since it happened just a few days ago.

    OK, I walked into this room, kinda looked like a large hotel room. Lots of commotion and people around. A handful of people were the organizers. The room had a very “good” feeling to it. Everyone, including the environment itself were giving off very good vibes. After a short while, the organizers told everybody to get in line because they were handing out what was like a progress report along with jobs to do. I was kinda excited because I felt I’ve been doing well lately and have been looking for purpose, so I thought I’d get a good report and some purpose in a “job” to do. I went to the table and got my progress envelope and opened it up. It had nothing in it. A blank piece of paper. This got me down. No eval and no job to do. Everyone else was going over there stuff and I had nothing. I was bummed. Then we were sent on our way. I left the room and went down the hall into another room. It was the total opposite. The room had the feeling and the look of negativity. The whole vibe was evil and dark. Again, there were a lot of people milling about waiting for the thing to start. Once again, people were getting jobs to do and rewards, and such. When it was my turn, one of the organizers wanted to stick a rod up my nose in order to give me “assistance” in my upcoming job. I told him now way. They told me I had to do it that I didn’t have a choice, the rest of the people in the room were doing it. I told them to fuck off, they had no right to tell me what I “had” to do! They insisted and that’s when I slapped the rod out of his hand. That didn’t go over very well. These guys now morphed into demonic looking beings and they weren’t happy with me. I again told them to fuck off. If they wanted to do anything with me, I wasn’t going to go lightly. There are certain practices I do in lucid dreaming and one of them is to go through walls, or break myself up into a fog and relocate. So I went up to the guy who was being the most threatening and told him to be careful. I dissolved myself, moved through him to his backside, reorganized and made another threatening comment. This surprised him. Another demonic being began to walk up behind me and threatened me, telling me to start being obedient. I punched him in the face and said “make me”. I was sure there was going to be a fight, and by the looks of these guys, I was sure I was going to lose. The other people in the room looked on in disbelief and were kinda mad at me because the knew good things wasn’t going to come of this. They were probably feeling I was shouldn’t be making waves and it will be easier on everybody. So I turned to them and told them all that they didn’t have to do anything they didn’t want to. That’s when the bribery started. Instead of fighting back, these demonic beings started bargaining with me and began giving the people what they thought they wanted to keep them under their control. It was working. I kept telling the people that they were being tricked and they didn’t care, they were getting what they wanted. As a reward for accepting their offers, the demons began giving out envelopes full of money. People were getting $10oo here, $5000 there. I looked on in disbelief. We are in a dream! Money means nothing here! You cannot use it! It is a bribe! Again, it was like they were brainwashed. They didn’t care about anything I was saying. Then the demons brought me an envelope and tried to push it on me. My acceptance of the money was acceptance of their influence. The envelope was overflowing. They were offering me $250,000! I thought how ridiculous!!! I took the money out of the envelope and threw it in the air. The others in the room were scouring for it! The demons were pissed and gave up on me. They meeting was over and they let everyone go.

    I woke up and thought about the dream all day. The demons were buying influence under the protection of the dream dimension where most of humanity walks with minimal awareness. They were getting permission to influence and infiltrate people in the physical by offering them things that were worthless in the dream state. These people were being deceived and had no clue. They had no clue in the dream state, and had no awareness of it at all in the waking state.

    Most of humanity does not have a chance against this type of enemy. Without awareness, you cannot escape.

    I know this is long, especially for a comment! Thanks for listening. Hope this helps people.


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