1 thought on “Domesticated Humans that is out of NATURE

  1. Linda

    Greetings…13 Love…a few people out here on the alkaline tip these days! My daughter in med school so I asked her about alkaline. She said the body maintains a balance of acidity to alkaline. It can go a little off balance but too much of one or the other will kill you! Also, people suggest making your own alkaline water. Lemon is suppose to do it which I don’t innerstand because it’s an acid. Also, there are machines that do it but they cost a fortune ( http://www.phdrinkingwater.com/). I have a water bottle made of crystals with a ionizer on the bottom that I use every now and then. Some say use distilled water only because it has nothing added like flouride etc. My daugher says water should have minerals and other things for our bodies to use. If we drink distilled water our bodies will get these minerals from our bodies and be expelled when we drink the distilled water. So, see all this information brings me to this…alkaline in moderation! Common sense. I look forward to hearing what the spirits lead you to inform us about this.


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