3 thoughts on “Earth will split from 3d to 5d Are you Ready or still in illusions

  1. Will

    I had a vision once of the Earth splitting. It was like a cell splitting in two. It begins to get very polar. Half of the material inside goes on this side, the other half goes on that side. It begins to choose sides. Where do you want to be, here, or over there… You have to choose. In the dividing cell, there’s no middle ground anymore. A decision HAS TO be made. Then, the two sides really begin to repel each other, so much so that the cell loses shape and begins to get more and more distorted. Finally, the two factions break away from each other and become independent. There was once a relationship between the materials inside the single cell, they “lived” and could communicate together. After the split, there is a barrier between them. I saw the Earth doing this. A dimensional polarizing where the dimensions end up pulling apart and splitting, some left on this side, some on the other side, depending on which pole you decided to align with. One Earth becoming two, but still only one for those experiencing it from the inside of the cell/s.

  2. Will

    Also, I have very lucid dreams and have had numerous out-of-body experiences. This separating process during an OBE is similar to what I described above. While your body is separating, parts of it can get stuck. So you pull and pull (or use other techniques) to break your two bodies free from each other. The Earth may go through a similar process?

    I have also been able to go from a meditative state directly into the dream world. Some people call it a wake induced lucid dream (WILD). Your visions during meditation become so vivid, you can actually step into them and you now take on a lucid dream experience. I envision during this Earth split that before it finalizes, we may have these type of meditative experiences where we “step” into our 5D existence (similar to a WILD) to acclimate and get adjusted to the new vibratory environment or whatever. During these excursions, we have the ability to break the 5D meditative state and be back in 3D. Upon breaking the meditation, 5D would seem very similar to a beautiful lucid dream except more real and you can return to where you left off. So for those who have the right tools available to them, they can exist in both worlds at the same time. However, there is a time when the gates get shut and you have to make a final choice. So, if you are to live in 5D, you would enter a meditative state, go to 5D and never return to 3D (at least in that physical incarnation).

    Love your stuff!!!


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