2 thoughts on “Piercing The Fog Dr. Yaffa Bey

  1. Radha

    Loved your style. Only thing is though is that I felt slightly excluded being of European descent. My basic belief system is much after your heart though I lack the melanin. One of the strategies of the corrupt control freak was to conquer through division by making some of our fellow man less than another and so not deserving of the respect to all of man. I feel we must see all living beings with equality. If we discriminate as the perpetrators of evil have done on things that cannot be changed such as skin color how can we who are seekers of the truth be the change that is so desperately needed now in this world.

  2. da13thsun Post author

    to live on the planet you have to have melanin. you gain more melanin from Green foods aka plant base food, Meats,tv nonsense kills melanin and distractions also… everybody needs SUN. so you must get back to nature and get sun which is pure melanin. 1st hour or last hour is best to sun gaze that is sunrise or sunset…. you have melanin also…just cos some people darker they have lost melanin in the skin from nonsense and tv along with meat eating. 13love and get back to nature


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