The Myths of Catching a Cold.

Myths About Having A Cold Explained

Having a Cold: Colds are a social term given to mucous congestion of sinus and/or lungs. Colds are a bodily defense reaction to toxins or a polluted septic body system and or imbalanced body chemistry (minerals, vitamins, etc).

The common accepted belief is that 1 can "Catch a Cold." Truth is a cold is developed and Not caught. You cannot "catch healthy" by standing near a healthy person. You also cannot catch a cold by contacting some strange bacteria or dead cell particle called a virus. A dis-eased (toxic) weakened body has little defense against a strange bacteria and is the perfect septic environment to multiply.

The catarrh (mucous) discharge called a cold is the body’s attempt to rid itself of waste (toxic impurities) that it could not pass out through the bowels (manure) or urine or perspiration. The cold is a cleansing process and not a disease. The mucous drains out of the body via the lungs nasal passage and is ignorantly called a "cold." It is usually caused by constipation, overeating or a diet of partial foods (junk foods) that produces partial health know as disease. The body is not "at-ease," it is in a state of "dis-ease" called a "cold."

Reference: ==> African Holistic Health By: Dr Llaila Afrika

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