Breakfast The Worse Meal of The Day

Is Breakfast The Worst Meal of The Day?

The idea that breakfast gives immediate energy is a myth and part of europeans mental illness and ignorance. Afrikans who accept this dietay myth have a fear that if they don’t eat breakfast they will get sick or very weak.

Fasting at night while asleep and melatonin helps to create the morning energy felt, Not "breaking the fast" so called "break-fast." The body gets accustomed to weight in the stomach, small intestines and the weight impacted manure in the colon. An absence of the weight and sensation of impacted food and manure causes the Afrikan to feel the need to eat.

If you feel you must break your fast during the morning hours (4 a.m. – 12 in the afternoon) your food should consist of Fresh Fruit, whole foods, spring or distilled water and or fruit juice. This should be eaten in a calm and unhurried manner, without talking.

Reference: ==> Nutricide By: Dr Llaila Afrika

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