If you believe, you will never know. If you really want to know, don´t believe. That does not mean to disbelieve, because disbelief is another kind of belief. Don´t believe, but experiment. Go into it yourself, and if you can see, if you can feel, only then believe. But then it is no more belief; then it is trust. That is the difference between trust and belief: trust comes out of experience; belief is just a prejudice without any experience to support it.
Don´t believe because scriptures say so, and don´t believe because respectable people say so, because they may be saying it only because by saying it they become respectable. Don´t believe because priests say so, because priests are just doing a kind of business. They have to say so; they are salesmen. They are selling some invisible commodity, which you cannot see but you have to believe.
Experiment, go into the existential experience of it all. Become a lab – your own lab. And unless it has become your own understanding, don´t believe. Unless it has become your own understanding, don´t believe, and then only can you come to trust. Truth believed is a lie. Truth experienced is a totally different phenomenon. This is the approach of a scientific mind.

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