The Science OF Photo biogenic & Moorish Chemistry

Vegan/vegetarian is the best way to go for us melanated people.We should eat foods that contain sun light as our ancestors did.
Welcome to Black and Black herbals at the Source of the Nile
Dr. Jewel Pookrum states, "when we eat certain foods that are not meant for us, it blocks our circuitry and causes us problems. We are protein and fat sparing. When we eat high amounts of animal fat and protein, we clog our circuitry and actually shorten our lives."
Under the Egyptian system both food and people are understood within the language of "Ra" and its radiant energies, modified by the sun, the electromagnetic spectrum, the environment, and climatic conditions.
In the Egyptian system of health, a balanced diet is not determined by the presence of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, or minerals. These nutrients are know to us by the Western standard of health. For the most part, Western nutrition comes out of laboratory analysis. The Egyptian system of nutrition comes directly from the sun. The science of Photo-biogenic allows us to eat a balance diet naturally, guided by our African bio-chemistry.
The African diet consisted mainly of raw fruits, nuts, grains, vegetables and legumes. These foods tend to promote the loss of body heat and the secretion of fluids. In the hot zone of the African continent, these foods were more appropriate to the African physiology. For a Caucasian living in the cold climate of Europe whose body would be cold, damp, and lacking melanin, this diet would aggravate symptoms of chilliness, phlegm, fullness, and fatigue.
Light-energy has a different effect on black bodies than it does on whites, or non-melanin people. This fact plays an important part, in the significance of treating Africans with the science of Photo-biogenic. Black chemistry research has discovered that melanin reflects the entire electro-magnetic spectrum which is composed of cosmic-rays, gamma-rays, micro-rays, x-rays, ultraviolet rays, infrared rays, light rays, and radio rays. These waves exist naturally throughout the universe and the length and size of the waves vary tremendously from the most minute to the extreme of several miles. The visible spectrum of white light only represents a small section of the full electro-magnetic spectrum, but the total spectrum which includes white light is black light, and melanin is the solid form of this total spectrum of black light. Thus, our bodies reflect the total electro-magnetic spectrum.

4 thoughts on “The Science OF Photo biogenic & Moorish Chemistry

  1. 13thsun

    Eat right and Live right, When you eat Live foods your Temple becomes alive, When you eat dead foods, your temple Dies a horrible death. The choice is yours.

  2. Sabrina

    Much raspect!!!! My husband and I have been following you for about a year now and we have learned so much. We have been vegan/vegetarian for 3 years and do not regret it. Thanks for your time and energy towards helping us know ourselves from within. 13Love

  3. Gina Davis

    I’ve been a vegan for a year now & I’m never going back to an animal-based diet. Thanks for sharing the raw truth about what we need to be doing to evolve on this planet at a mental, physical and spiritual level.


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