Who is the Boogie Man?

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  • When did the Boogie Man come reality.  Why are so many people afraid of the dark? 

  • Why do people love to watch scary movies then be afraid of the woods or under their own bed?   Well, I will tell you the truth because that’s what I do.

  •   I am here to make you see the truth against the Elites of the world.  FEAR that’s the name of the game.  They pass it down through your parents, your parents grandparents, and so on and so on.

  • Why didn’t anyone break the cycle?  They couldn’t because they worry how society will see them if they think outside the box. 

  • Well I never live inside that box,  I was different from the start when I came back here for the 3rd time. 

  • This is how people rule the weak minded person.  They keep telling the stories of a Boogie Man or some Disease or the Devil,  And that gets planted into your memory bank until you wake up one day and say no more.

  •   There is nothing to fear in this world.  You only should fear yourself,  These are illusions in this fake world.   Once you think of fear you then bring it into thought.  Your brain waves send magnetic signals to the universe and the fear thoughts come back at you and become reality. 

  • If you don’t think fear, You will never see fear.  Stop watching TV or listening to the News.  These are fear tactics and that’s how they control you. 

  •   There is no boogie man, its something you created in your memory because someone told you that.  The Devil is the same way,  drop the D and you get evil, This is a game for the ruling class.  Please wake up and have no fear for nothing.

  • This is your world and you are a spiritual being, You are full of energy,  So what you think in your head, that creates your reality. 

  • So have no fear,  Just have love for one another.

  • I’m out of hear like last year.  1love to humanity.         LIFE IS GOOD. put that into your memory bank every hour on the hour

  • Yours truly Lord Ninesun Bey aka da13thsun

2 thoughts on “Who is the Boogie Man?

  1. 13thsun

    People still will not wake up, I never seen so many zombies in my life, Like Im walking around watching sleepwalkers, They just look like robots, This is so sad.


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