Why do the evil european elites aka the devils still harvest black man blood. They lie about AIDS, just to get blacks to go give up blood and they study the blood looking for the Light codes in the blood. To see who got more of the GOD genes. The parasitic elites are dying. They need to stay in charge and keep the minds unconscious, They know the SUDAN region, has more black people who DNA has already started to rise and get the New Light Codes for the 5th dimension. This is why the Government want that land and the people. Even my mother who is now 79 years old, goes to her doctor and gives blood, They say they running test and more lie. The parasites for humanity is dying off. The earth is heating up, The parasites hate the black man because we are special people with the blood of GOD. They lie and act like we aint shit. But, the truth is We are the saviors for humanity and We have the cure for all diseases. My DNA strands is at 16, chimps are at 6, the european is at 6. The Sundanese is at 10 and a lot of other blacks is at 9 or 10 and rising. I’m different cause im a God. I know whats coming to this earth, and I know what the parasitic ELITES plans are. That is why they harvesting the Haitians body’s and kidnapping the kids. They say their adopting the kids, but they using the kids blood to get melanated and stay alive. You evil devils. If you just come out and be fair and ask for help and give everyone a chance to live right. We will help your beastly ass. But if you keep up with the stealing of african blood, You will die-hard. The evil elites just took 5 tons of blood to australia and is going to send blood to all countries over the world to the scientist to study the blood and look for the higher DNA strands. This is the truth and the evil elites know this. SO I say Fk you POPE and the bilderbergs/trilateral/CFO/and United Nations. I hope you all die-hard or play fair. This is a message to the unconsciously people from a GOD. imhotep

2 thoughts on “ELITE VAMPIRES

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