I am ONE with ALL.

I am one, because we are one. I am one with everything, and everything is one with me. I am water, i’m air, i’m fire, i’m the wind, i’m the earth. I am your daughter,the bear, the liar, the friend, and dirt. I am love, I am peace, I am joy & happiness. I am you and you are me, So together lets stop all this madness.

1 thought on “I am ONE with ALL.

  1. unclepete813 Post author

    just a new blog, I’m a poet that speaks the truth on humanity and peace to all. One voice at a time and we can change the world of this Evil Elites who hate humans. We dont have much time before they try to destroy 80 percent of the world. It has been written and you been warned. We must become ONE and have no fear and we all will be in heaven on earth in the 5th dimension. peace out 1love.


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